When I said "I'm back" what I really meant was...

I'm really bad at this whole returning to the blogosphere thing, huh?

Ho hum.

This is where I spill out some side splitting tale about motherhood or some incredibly insightful truth about life or at least something clever or cute.

Maybe some cute baby pics???

Yeah. I got those. But you can only get so far with cute baby pics.

Been there. Done that.

And then did it again.

Enough with the baby.

Or the three year old sister who is upstairs in her bed bawling her eyes out as I write this because her mother had the audacity to put her to bed at 8 pm. Poor thing.

Let me be honest. This post is...pointless.

But you know what. I'm posting it anyway. Because tonight I got nothin'. Not a stitch left of funny, clever, or cute to give you.

Such is life of "Mommy".

Oh don't you worry your pretty little head. I'm just warming up. Someday I'll find my bojo again (that's mojo for blogging. Clever, no? Maybe I still got a little bit of something left in me.)

Until then...Let me direct you to this because it's just darn tootin' funny. And heaven knows we all need a laugh at the end of a day like this. Enjoy.


The Prodigal Blogger Returns...Again

With Cee being 7 months old now and two children starting school this year (Dee's in first grade and Jeigh's in half day kindergarten) I figured my impending return to the blogosphere was in the bag.

And then about three minutes after I dropped them off at the school today, I realized (with no small amount of fear and panic) that I had just left my daily entertainment for my trouble making three year old and newly mobile baby behind.


Oh well. I'm going to give this a shot anyway. My clean house, sanity, and "No more than one two hours of TV" rule may lose in the end, but at least I got my silly little blog up and running again.

Now...Just to figure out something interesting to say...

*Ahem* Funny how one gets a little rusty during a break.

I guess we'll ease into this.

Until then, here's a couple of pictures of my school going kids. Huzzah for a new school year!

My first born begins his first day of first grade.

Kindergarten awaits!

Are they going to school or the prom?

Think they will pose like this when I take their picture on the first day of high school? (I kind of hope they do.)


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