That's-Not-My-Kid Thursday

We've been stuck at home all week so I can't really think of anything too embarrassing that my kids have said or done in public lately. That hasn't kept them from saying things at home of course. Here's a random sampling of kids-say-the-darnedest-things fun from this past week.

Anger Management

I caught five-year old Dee playing with my exercise ball after I had asked him multiple times not to play with it. I took it away from him and put it up high. He looked at me and very calmly said, "Mom. You make me all heated inside."

Me: What did you say?

Dee (VERY calmly): You make me heated. Like fire and flames are going to come out. All heated inside.

Me: Are you trying to say you are angry?

Dee: Yep. But more like fire.

The Plan of Happiness

Jeigh to Dee: Heavenly Father wants us to be happy. Heavenly Father wants us to have stickers. Lots and lots of stickers.

Gender Selection

The kids and I were talking about what people are. I explained that we are humans. They just looked at me confused.

Me: We aren't dogs. We aren't monkeys or fish or birds. We are humans.

Dee (looking like he's figured it out): Oooooohhh. Humans!

Then Dee turns to Jeigh and explains, "Jeigh, boys are HU-mans and girls are MA-ams. Right, Mom?"

I'm a Barbie Girl

The other day we were getting ready to go swimming. As I came out in my swimsuit, Dee looked at me and said, "Mommy! You look beautiful!", to which Jeigh added "Yeah Mommy! You're like Barbie!". Ummm, hardly, but hey! I'll take it. You don't think they've figured out how to butter me up yet, do you? Nah. I'm going to stick with my uncanny resemblance to Barbie. {snort}

Barbie Hits Bottom

Oh, don't think they're always so generous with their comments. Yesterday we were once again getting ready to go swimming and Dee said, "Mom! Your bum is HUGE!"

Me (sarcastically): Thanks Dee.

Dee: You're welcome. It's HUUUGE!

Oh wait! I did think of a public one!

We were at Walmart the other day (when are we NOT at Walmart?). As we walked past a couple of girls that were kindly waiting for us to pass, three-year old Jeigh, chock full of all sorts of teenage attitude, smartly yelled (yes, yelled), "EXCUUUUSE US! We're walking here!"

Got any good kid stories this week? Write a post, include the pic, and link up below. Or just comment. Whatever floats your boat.


When do I admit I am a Gleek?

Lots of packing to do, gotta make this quick, but I wanted to see if anyone else had goosebumps upon goosebumps and got a little more than a little teary-eyed watching this last night?

No? Umm...yeah...me neither. he...he...


Confessions of a REAL Mom

I know it's proper to put your best self forward for people to see, especially in the blog world, but can I just be real for a minute?

My house is absolutely trashed. Don't even try to make me feel better by telling me "but you're moving; it's okay". No it's not. It's gross. The sink...umm...make that sinkS are overflowing with dishes. The floor was swept two days ago, but could desperately use another sweeping and honestly I can't even remember the last time it was mopped.

There are toys and clothes and chaos strewn everywhere. Probably a few old apple cores too, thanks to Dee's bad habit of just tossing them aside when he's done eating his green apples. Not a single laundry basket is full, but I think that's probably because the clothes never made it into the basket in the first place, NOT because of my stellar laundering habits.

My to-do list is overflowing. Strike that. I have so much to do I don't even want to write it down. So as of this moment, there is no literal to-do list. Just the one in my very muddled, overflowing brain.

As I type this I hear Jeigh screaming dramatically at the top of her lungs. I'm pretty sure Dee just hit her with a swimming flipper. Yep. That was the weapon of choice this time. She is now crying for "MAMA!" at the top of her lungs and I imagine the neighbors are once again thinking "Is now the time I call CPS?" Oh, the crying stopped. Looks like Jeigh might live. Hooray!

And it's awfully quiet now...I wonder where Elle is. Are the bathroom doors closed? I sure hope so.

Hmm, let's see what else I can be real about. Oh yeah, I filled out my fat pants quite nicely today. And when I say nicely...I think you know what I mean. That's okay. I think I have a few chocolate-covered raisins hiding in the pantry somewhere to ease my suffering.

I miss my husband a lot, but honestly I'm getting rather irritated hearing him say over the phone how bored he is and how quiet it is without us. I wonder what that's like. Sounds nice.

So, now that I've been real, and sometimes it is all too real...Can I be real in another way?

This morning I woke up to the sounds of Dee quietly "reading" to himself while he sat in his room waiting for the rest of us to wake up. I rolled over to the sounds of Jeigh rustling around in the bed beside me. I fell asleep again and woke up again to the sight of Dee and Jeigh laying next to me, hugging each other and telling each other how much they loved each other and what good brother and sister they were. I laid there hoping they didn't see me awake, just watching and hoping that friendship lasts through the ages.

I got up to the sounds of Elle calling from her crib. When I lifted her out of her bed, she curled up in my arms and snuggled in. As soon as I changed her and set her down she got one of her baby dolls and tenderly cradled it.

We sat and watched Dee and Jeigh play dress-up for a while. Their little imaginations swept them far from the small bedroom we were in. Jeigh sang e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g and I feel sure she is going to be an Opera star someday.

Dee walked around in swimming flippers most of the morning (yes, the very same ones that were used for violence) and pretended he was a penguin, a dragon, an explorer. One day, his curious nature will lead him far from me.

I walked upstairs when it was "too quiet" and watched Elle from hiding as she played with a little farm set with a big, bright blue, dress-up hat tilted on her head. She played in comfortable silence, gently moving her toys, tender and sweet, content to be playing alone. What will this little old soul become one day? A master gardener/farmer? A careful and attentive nurse? A surgeon? A writer? A sweet and loving little mother?

Sure, my house is a disaster. My schedule is a war-zone. My pant-size is a national crisis. But I am going to forget all that and just enjoy what I am seeing this morning. My children. While they are still children.


Paper Flowers Smell as Sweet

Happy Monday to you all!

I am afraid I am finding myself in a bit of a blog funk...Not good when I just went and made a new blog. Silly Evelyn. In my defense, I have had a lot on my mind AND my hands. Trying to single-handedly run the show is not easy. My hat is off to you single parents out there. Whether temporary or permanent, it is a difficult task. But I suppose we all knew that...It's just being reaffirmed to me as I try to feed, bathe, entertain, get to church, put to bed, heal bumps and bruises, break up fights, (all multiplied by three) clean house, do laundry, pack boxes, wrap up odds and ends, etc, etc, etc all by myself. Whew! It makes me tired just writing about it.

Don't feel too bad for me...At least my stint with single motherhood will be over in a couple of weeks and life will be sooooo easy then. {cue sarcastic throat clearing} And if you are feeling really bad for me and just feel you must to do something: I accept cash, chocolate, and homemade dinners. ;)

Before I put this off any longer, I have been telling people I would post this link on my blog for a long time. Today is the day!

I know we missed out on Teacher Appreciation Week (shame, shame!) but we are making some of these for Dee's teachers before school gets out next week.

These paper flowers can be found over at Housewife Eclectic. I made them for a friend who had just had a baby when my budget didn't make room for fresh flowers. They seemed to be a bigger hit than fresh flowers would have been, so I have stuck with it. They are simple to make; just folding paper! Oh and hot-gluing if you want to get that involved on the stems.

I taught my ward's Young Women how to make these paper flowers for one of their activity nights. You can use any color paper, but we used the colors of their Young Women values (Faith-white, Divine Nature-blue, Individual Worth-red, Choice and Accountability-orange, Good Works-yellow, Integrity-purple, and Virtue-gold {Yes! You can find gold paper!}) to remind them what they stand for. It was a fun night of folding paper and visiting!

*click on pictures to zoom in

Make sure while you are over at Housewife Eclectic getting the instructions for the paper flowers that you stay awhile and check out her other posts. She is an amazing one-woman-show! She has recipes, arts and crafts, photo tips, book and movie reviews, anything and everything. And she posts with new things DAILY! I don't know how she does it. I followed her when she was still a small blog {smugly typed}, but she is quickly building up a following for obvious reasons. She is great! Check her out!

And have a great Monday!


That's-Not-My-Kid Thursday

We were at a restaurant as a family last week, feeling a little frazzled as we usually do when dining out with three children ages five and under. An elderly couple near us got up from their table, and as they walked out, stopped to tell us what beautiful children we have. Well, I could agree with them there. Who doesn't think they have the cutest kids?

But then the woman continued on by saying how well-behaved they were and how obvious their good behavior was because we were such excellent parents and really knew what we were doing.

{cue the sound of crickets chirping}

Joe and I swapped one of those looks between us and I could tell he was thinking what I was thinking: "Stick around lady. You won't feel the same by the end of the evening."

Nonetheless, it was sweet for them to pay us this sincere compliment. They wished me a Happy Mothers Day and walked out.

Sure enough, just as the door closed behind them, Jeigh let out a HUGE belch. Not a second later, Dee loudly announced for the restaurant to hear, "You sound just like my mom and dad!!", and they both burst into belly laughs.

Yup. That's more like it.

What did your someone else's kids do this week? Post on your own blog and link up below (or just leave a comment below).


Big Gulps, Huh?


So did you like how I came out all guns a-blazin' yesterday? Since this blog is indeed public, I half expected some Lady Gagme worshipper to send me virtual anthrax. I was cringing all day just waiting for it. But...Whew! No anthrax...yet. Looks like the world still has a lot of card carryin' Morals-Are-Cool members. Truly, I am so glad to hear that.

I promise I won't get all up in your face with opinions and politics and such on this blog. Trust me, I do have really intriguing opinions (like: Tillamook cheese is manna from heaven; the other brands can hang it in their ear), but sometimes it's no fun to read some one's angry here-say all the time. Maybe just every once in awhile.

So, Wednesday huh?

We are halfway through our first husband-less and daddy-less week here. (Only two and half more to go!) It's going really well too. In fact, so well, that we may be just fine without him forever.

Not! (Is it still cool to say "Not!" these days? I just don't know.)

The house has been extra-clean, the kids have been staying in their beds all night, I've been getting some writing done, and I haven't felt the need to flush anyone down the toilet yet. Just a few swirlies here and there. I'd call that pretty good.

"Joe" (yes, that is the super-cool name I am giving him for this blog. It's probably about as cool as saying "Not!")...Anyway! JOE is doing great too. He started his new job, found a place for us to live for awhile, and met a bunch of friendly, Joe-feeding people. This small-town living is looking pretty good so far. Everybody does know everybody and word is spreading fast that there's a new guy in town. So far, "new guy" means "feed that poor wife-less man!" and if you know Joe personally, he's quite pleased with that.

The best news I've heard yet about this move and new job is that Joe is getting his very own work truck!!!!!! Let me add a few more exclamation points to express to you how overjoyed I am about this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TWO YEARS, PEOPLE! Over TWO YEARS of being stuck at home without a vehicle! Our gas bill for the month of June is going to be astronomical because I am just going to be out driving all day picking up people who don't have cars and taking them where ever their hearts desire! Oh boy! Life is getting good!

In other news, I have found childhood slavery to be a rather appealing concept. I whipped into shape pleasantly asked the kids to help me clean house yesterday. It took all the grit I possessed, but I tried to make it "fun" to clean house and the idea caught on. I had Dee (5 yo son) and Jeigh (3 yo daughter) taking turns vacuuming, everybody picking up toy carnage, and even little Elle (22-month daughter) putting shoes away.


How was your Wednesday? Was your week half-full or half-empty? Or just thank-goodness-it's-half-over?

I am moving That's-Not-My-Kid Thursday over here. Watch for it tomorrow and make sure to join in. Or else, I'll feel like the only crazy lady with embarrassingly honest kids who hangs out with someone else's embarrassingly honest kids.

Happy Wednesday!

P.S. I am really sorry I haven't been reading up on every one's blogs lately. I am trying to figure out how to manage my time as a temporary single parent in the throes of moving and I haven't quite got the hang of it yet. Plus, now I'm not sure whether to comment as The Perks of Life or Hanging by a Silver Lining. Any insights on this???


Lady Gaga VS. Michelle Duggar

Sunday night I watched a touching Mother's Day episode of 19 Kids and Counting.

If you don't know what 19 Kids and Counting is, it's a television program on TLC that documents the Duggar family. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have 19 children, all from the same mom and the same dad. The newest member of the family, Josie, was born three months prematurely, but after spending four months in the NICU, was able to come home which this special Mother's Day episode documented. It was emotionally-stirring to recount their difficult past four months and to re-watch the family worry, pray, and come even closer together for their mom and wife and new, teeny-tiny sister and daughter.

I have zero aspirations to have half as many as children as Michelle Duggar has, but I do admire this sweet family, their dedication to their beliefs (even though they differ from mine), and the love and fun they share as one big happy family. All the children are well-behaved, kind, courteous, helpful, talented, loving, and happy. It is remarkable that such a large family runs so smoothly and does so much. I believe a large portion of that can be contributed to the amazing Michelle Duggar, a mother among mothers.

So, are you wondering what any of this has to do with Lady Gaga yet? I'm getting to that.

The next morning, after watching this tender program, I turned on the radio to listen to while I washed dishes. I wasn't paying very close attention to the morning radio deejays, until I heard them talking about this special episode of 19 Kids and Counting I had just watched.

Only...they weren't talking about how special it was.

They were ripping Michelle Duggar apart for having the gall to have 19 kids in the first place. Then they misquoted her saying she still wanted more kids. I've heard this statement before that they read only chunks of and they totally distorted what she had said. Of course then the conversation turned to how could she even think such a thing when they had such a sick baby on their hands and what if everyone started having 19 kids, this world would be a mess. They accused Michelle of wanting more children just to perpetuate their stardom and TLC's interest in their family.

As the radio deejays ranted on and on about how pathetic and irresponsible the Duggars were, I found myself hardly able to wash my dishes. I was furious!

First of all they had misconstrued several things this family had done and said. Secondly, the Duggar family has it more together than millions of other families out there that have rotten, spoiled, brats for children. All the children are happy and helpful. The Duggars are self-sustaining, completely avoiding debt and welfare. Can very many other families no matter what the size honestly claim the same?

Thirdly, I was livid hearing all this slander about Michelle Duggar when not ten minutes earlier this same radio deejay (who was female by the way) had practically sung the praises of Lady GagMe...Oh excuse me! I mean Lady Gaga. She gushed and oozed about how amazing and inspirational Lady Gaga is.

Lady Gaga! Inspirational?! Seriously?! A recording artist that pushes the boundaries so far, there really are no more boundaries. Boundaries for morals, values, modesty, even just normalcy. As I tried to find a picture of Lady Gaga for this post I could hardly find one that didn't involve open crotch shots, breasts hanging out of "clothes", or orgy scenes. So THIS is who we want to be inspired by? This is who we want our daughters to pattern their lives after? This person, in all her vulgarity and crassness, is who we find so artistic, forward-thinking, and worthy of our praise, affection, money, and pedestals?

But not Michelle Duggar? No way! Not a woman who actually thinks motherhood and family and religion is important. Not a kind, sweet, gentle woman who dresses modestly, speaks softly and wisely, and gives everything she has to being the best mother she can be. No. That's just old-fashioned and irresponsible. How could she be so selfish and out of control to overpopulate the earth with respectful and loving children? The audacity of some women!

Is any one else angered by this??? I was totally yelling at my radio when I heard the contrast in regard for these two very different women. After a bit I realized how futile that was and just turned the dang radio off. As angry as I was, I had to laugh (a rather bitter laugh) that this radio rant took place the very day after Mother's Day, the day we love and praise our society's greatest assets: Mothers.

This world is a scary place, my friends. Scary place indeed.

P.S. If it came to a physical match, I have my money on Mrs. Duggar. She could totally take Gaga. Hello! She has been through labor and delivery 19 times! And she wouldn't have the silly costumes and ridiculous high heels to get in her way. Mama Duggar FTW!


And so it begins...

After blogging for a little over a year at The Perks of Life, I felt the need to protect my family by making my blog private/invitation only. But I couldn't bear to keep all my thoughts to myself so I've created this second public blog, Hanging by a Silver Lining. This way I can fully partake in the joy that is blogging without the concern of my family being in danger.

Why the blog name "Hanging by a Silver Lining"? I'm so glad you asked! As a young mom, I feel like many days I am just hanging on for dear life. BUT, being a mom is the best thing in the world! Difficult and painful it may be, but there are silver linings to be found. As a mom, you just need to hang onto those golden moments and endure. Life is good...even when it doesn't always seem good.

So, welcome to Hanging by a Silver Lining! I hope to pick up where I left off at The Perks of Life by sharing some humor, some honesty, a few pics, a few good thoughts, a couple of recipes, and a whole lot of bloggy love. Forgive the bare walls for now. I am trying to make this bloggy move in the midst of a real-life move, so you can imagine things are a little hectic. Hey! It's not called Hanging by a Silver Lining for nothing.

I would still love to have you follow over at The Perks of Life if you'd like to (send your email address to hangingsilver@gmail.com), but I must warn you: it's probably going to get awfully drab over there. I'll be using it to post all the pics and milestones and braggy stuff that moms do that can get rather obnoxious unless you are a grandma or auntie.

Oh! and as I did start this whole thing to keep my family safe, please help me to do that by not mentioning their real names, our last name, or our location in your comments. Feel free to mention our social security numbers or bank account numbers though. ;) Thanks!

I think that's it...Again, Welcome to Hanging by a Silver Lining! Grab a cup of hot chocolate or a cherry limeade depending where in the wide world you are, pull up a comfy chair, and let's chat!


That's-Not-My-Kid Thursday

Do your kids ever say or do something in public that is so off-the-wall, so painfully honest, so embarrassing, that as wrong as you know it is, you look the other way and pretend (just for a bit) you don't know them???

Come on, admit it! Even the best supermoms have those moments. Don't feel too bad; one day they are bound to do the same thing when we are embarrassing them in public. Turn about is fair play, right?

Well, here's your chance to share your "proud" parenting moment of the week with the blogosphere. Link up and then check out the other red-faced mommy bloggers out there. We can pat each other on the back for playing it cool; laugh with (or at) others' public (mis)adventures; or just take solace in knowing your kids aren't the only kids out there who misbehave at church, accost random strangers, or pee in public places. Not that I would know anything about any of those kinds of things! Because of course...That's not my kid!

Link up and join the mortified mommy fun!


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