Three for Thursday: It is Thursday, isn't?

Last week, I patted myself on the back as I zipped off a Three for Thursday post just in the nick of time.

Only to have a dear friend gently break the news to me.

It was Wednesday.


Here is another Three for Thursday. And it is Thursday today, right? Right??

Three Facebook status updates from this week:
1. Pinterest. Just another media source that makes me feel like a pathetic mom.
2.‎ 75% of my children are in bed. 50% are crying. And I am 99.9% done. You do the math.
3. Elle is getting ready for dance class and putting on her "lady terd". Or leotard for all you non 3 year olds.

Three favorite holiday candies:
1. Candy corn at Halloween.
2. Hot lips (think cinnamon bears) at Valentine's. (This is a new favorite temptation.)
3. Chocolate any time of the year. We don't need no stinkin' holiday.

Three BIG plans for the future:
1. Traveling to the Yucatan Peninsula with my husband for our 10th wedding anniversary in 2013.
2. Running a marathon. I don't know when, but it's gonna happen before I die.
3. Harry Potter Land. I have to go. I just hafta.

Three things I say to my children that I ought to mind myself:
1. "You're whining. Go to bed."
2. "You've had enough candy. No more."
3. "That wasn't a very kind thing to say. Don't say it again."

Three things I want to buy with the Amazon gift certificates I got for Christmas (Which one? Which one?):
1. Books. Loads and piles and mountains of delicious books.
2. Willow Tree Nativity.
3. Zumba Exhilarate exercise program.

Three pictures:
Elle and her "lady terd". And boots. On the wrong feet.

A little preview of the birthday girl. Very truant dedicatory post to come.

Ahh. Boys. Of the 7 year old variety.


MiMi said...

Giggling at Cee!
LOLing at Lady Terd!

Bethany said...

Does that say he wants to see 100 poo poos? If so, grant the boys wish and send him to my house!

Any are you saying that you do NOT want to purchase the UFO detector? Why on Earth not?


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