How to Break a Daddy's Heart

I asked permission first. It was bregudgingly given by a daddy who loves long hair on his little ladies. Off to the salon we went. 10 minutes later, Elle walked out looking so much fresher and fuller. The missing chunk in the back mischeiviously taken by three year old hands and stolen scissors no longer conspiciously contrasted with the rest of her longer length. It is darling and so perfect for summer!

11 minutes later this one started whining that she "wasn't pretty anymore".

All day I lovingly strived to convince her that she was absolutely beautiful, whether she had hair like Rapunzel or Daddy Warbucks. No dice. That night we asked for Daddy's permission again. I was secretly hoping he would say "no" like he had every other time she had asked to lose her locks. He didn't. The next day, with paternal permission in tow we stopped at the same salon on our way out of town for the Memorial holiday.

I expected her dad to be the one weeping over the loss, but it was me that choked back a few tears as my "little" girl got her first big girl haircut. One would think I would be sobbing with joy after all the struggles we have had in front of the bathroom mirror each morning before church and school. But this was just one more piece of evidence that my babies are growing up too fast.

She loves it. "Pretty" has once again been restored to her universe.

It's growing on me. It really is a lot of fun to style. And so easy and quick to wash and do!

Daddy was shocked but gracious as he asked her if she liked it first. Once confirmed that she did, he concurred. Ever the gentle father.

The consolation prize...Thanks to Locks of Love, somewhere out there in the world, someone will be wearing Jeigh's hair in a wig. The hair lives on.


MiMi said...

Oh! That's awesome. They look adorable.

Jeremy, Lana, Brenna and Mason said...

I thought I was going to be so sad when I realized you were chopping off their hair, but they both look so adorable! Like really really cute! I am now tempted to try it, but I just don't think Brenna's hair would act quite as nice as their is short! Very cute pictures, and very cute girls!

Lisa Thomas said...

Oh my heavens! They are SOOO cute! I hate when my Sara decides she wants short hair... but they do look so much more grown up!


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