Phoenix, city of mystery, of enchantment and...

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...the finest memories that side of the Rocky Mountains.

* * *

I have a major love/hate relationship with Phoenix, but that's not very hard to achieve. Phoenix is...




It is merely a rush of emotion and memory built one atop the other until I am overwhelmed with thoughts and feelings.

Phoenix is

>The first place I lived as a married woman

>My first child

>My second child

>My first home


>Best friends

>Girl's Night Out

Phoenix is

>115* F in the summer





>Operation Iraqi Freedom

>Dust Storms


I have a lot I miss about that Valley of the Sun. Several brother-in-laws live there (with accompanying spouses and children) as well as some of my dearest friends.

It's where I first experienced adult life and therefore cannot be easily separated into good/bad, pro/con. However, the thought of living there again leaves me feeling less than excited. I have no desire to deal with the heat or the traffic or the crime again.

Besides, so much has happened since then!

And as life moves on it takes on new elements of joy and leaves Phoenix smoldering in the sun.

Since those first 7 years our world has been filled with new life, new landscapes, and new surprises.

Our once tiny family has doubled. Our goals and aspirations have changed.

No longer do we desire the fast pace of the big city.

Do I miss the malls, and the movie theatres, and the conveniences?

You bet I do.

But I wouldn't take them back if it meant never moving to South Dakota.

Because that's really what life's about, moving on and savoring the memories that are behind us.

I've had a quote in my purse since as long as I can remember--that sums it all up pretty nicely.

Oh that I could go—yet stay,
Have tomorrow, keep today,
Cherish, hold my yesterday.
My yesterday, now treasured dear,
Was once tomorrow seen with fear.


Sami said...

I love that quote! It's so true. I was really nervous moving to Texas, but now seeing all the good that has come, I couldn't imagine living anywhere else.

Polly Blevins said...

My dear, once again you have failed to smile. YOu are not convincing me that SD is a happy place with the lack of smiles in your pictures. Look how you are all lit up (face and hair) in Phoenix.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading your blog. Keep it that way.


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