Technical Difficulties

Last week toddler and laptop met.

toddler: 1
laptop: 0

Mommy: -1

The prospects do not look good for my computer. And I don't really have time or funds to deal with its recovery right now. Looks like I may just have to put it out of its misery and move on.

I am feeling quite lost without my fifth appendage. Rather rotten timing to be without the internet too I might add. But when is it ever convenient to be without, right?

I am sorely missing all of you! I want to know what is happening on your blogs and in your lives. And I want you to know what is going on in mine. Fortunately Joe has a work-issued laptop, but I only get to steal a few minutes alone with it after he comes home in the evening. Not long enough to do anything worthwhile. Facebook what?

Please don't take my screen silence as anything other than it is; a blogger, interrupted.

No babies yet. (Hopefully that will happen by this weekend and if it does...I'll find a way to let you know.)

No moving yet. (That's not for another couple of weeks. Fingers crossed we finally found a house!)

No nervous break down yet. (But stay tuned...it's bound to happen. Maybe it's a good thing I am unplugged right now...)

I hope all is well with all of you and that 2011 is starting off in all the best ways!

Until we blog again...


Lind Family said...

Hang in there Evie! Love ya bunches! I really feel for you. When I had P, we signed on our new house 6 days later. Horrible combination. I didn't even have to move out of state! Please rely on your ward members. If they don't offer help, insist upon it!

Impulsive Addict said...

Oh no's! This is not good news. Come back to us soon! Good luck with babies and moving. (That just stresses me right out even thinking about it. You poor girl.)


MiMi said...

Ack! Computer's ickyness suck.
Hope it get's better, hope you have the baby and hope you DO have a house! :) Good luck!

Sami said...

I miss you too, Evelyn! I would miss you more if not for the fact that I can endlessly stalk you via text...and I do!

Jill said...

That's crummy! I'll be thinking of you during the next month. Good luck.

shortmama said...

Nooooooooooo! Sorry sometimes Im a drama queen.

Hope to hear about that baby soon!

Sarahie said...

good luck with it all! Sorry about your computer!

cbusch said...

I so understand. My new computer has issues and had to be sent back. I am using my friends notebook and it is very slow, can't wait to get mine back. Good this weekend - can't wait to hear the exciting news.

Lisa said...

I miss you!!! Hope baby comes soon!

Myya said...

At least there us a reason unlike mine which us just me thinking I am busy, mostly I'm lazy. I am bound to get caught up in the next wk. It is my goal anyway we'll se e if it actually happens lol. No bababies? Did I miss something? Are you having more than 1? Hang in there. Hugs are being sent your way.

iamwoman said...

I can't comment on your newest post? Well then HA! Look at me now! I am so glad you shared your woes..and you are super mom for sure! February will be a glorious month. There is the world wide celebration of Nutella, after all;)

Impulsive Addict said...

Ok..even though you took comments off, I still have to comment. It's in my blood. And plus I never follow the rules.

You poor momma. My heart is breaking for you and all that ickiness that is taking over your house right now. I'm glad to hear from you and I hope to get a POSITIVE update in a day or two!


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