Potty Fingers

I received an email today.


I am an seo consultant for http://www.bathroomboutique.eu

We would like to exchange links with your web site http://hangingbyasilverlining.blogspot.com/ as our sites are related by the topic bathroom.

"Bathroom"? Really?!

Do I talk about bathroom stuff that much? I mean I guess I did dedicate a whole post to finding humor in poop. And then there was that one time I actually took pictures of experiments performed on my pregnant pee.

But wait! Don't peg me for that kind of blogger! I mean...I can't even bring myself to type the "c" word on my blog. You know the one. It rhymes with trap.

I thought I was a fairly classy blogger, but it would appear that I am in need of more uplifting blog post topics. Ones that perhaps do NOT involve bodily functions.

But I'm a mom (soon-to-be) raising four children ages six and under...What else is there to talk about???


Mamarazzi said...

very funny and seriously random. i get a gajillion of these random emails a week....don't be totally freaked out by it.

and really...what else is there to talk about?

I STILL love the post with your little sweetie on the potty singing, classic cuteness!

aubrey said...

Hahaha... nice.

Sami said...

I keep trying to come up with some sort of clever retort, but the laughter keeps sending me into coughing fits. Plus, I'm really distracted by the widget on your sidebar that says that Agnes is the size of a watermelon.
Hey! Maybe your water will break in the bathroom!

See Mom Smile said...

Ha! that is so funny. Even with all my kids potty trained and generally wiping their own bums, poop is still an issue when you have kids. Yep, so sad but true!

iamwoman said...

Well, I say crap all the time. You are just that much more professional;) Super funny!

MiMi said...

Hahahahahaha! I love potty humor. I think this place is lost though.

Patty Ann said...

I won't even begin to tell you about the emails and advertising i get. If I even read it all, I would be a wreck. I think you are a very classy blogger, don't worry about what anyone else thinks. I remember the days of diapers, diapers, diapers and potty training. sometimes you just have to talk about your day!! Love it. I had to laugh and go back and read your other posts!!

Erin said...

You could always talk about throw up and/or boogers instead. That's in the realm of motherhood too, right?

shortmama said...

talk about potty humor!


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