That's-Not-My-Kid Thursday

My poor little pathetic meme.

It just hasn't inspired the raging following. In fact only about one loyal follower (LISA!) has played along so far. I think the rest of you just come on over to the Silver Lining on That's-Not-My-Kid Thursdays to read my mortifying mommy moments and laugh. Laugh WITH me no doubt.

I think from here on out I'll drop the link up part of it and just use it for my own devices. Feel free to come on over and read my embarrassing kid stories and laugh WITH me...or AT me. If you would like to write your own That's-Not-My-Kid Thursday post, leave a comment with your address below and I will gladly hop on over and laugh at WITH you.

Onto the mortifying mommy moment...

Since even before Cee arrived, my six year old son Dee has been absolutely enthralled with the concept of breastfeeding. You could make all sorts of cracks about Freud or the male gender and its early fascination with the feminine personage, but I think his curious six year old mind is simply that...curious.

He has been asking all sorts of questions about how, where, why the baby eats and "what are those things for"? I subscribe to the honesty-is-the-best-policy policy and try to matter-of-factly explain how breastfeeding works to my son.

Only problem is...I kind of forgot to also explain how its not exactly mixed company conversation.

The week before we left Nevada I was at the school picking up Dee from kindergarten. When his teacher saw me she busted out laughing and said, "I have to tell you what Dee said today!"

Apparently my son educated his entire kindergarten class on just how breastfeeding works. Quite loudly too according to his teacher.

I haven't gotten any phone calls from incensed parents yet. Moving away has its advantages.


Sami said...

Hahaha! On the upside, if Cee is your last baby, you'll probably end up on the other side of that discussion someday when she comes home and tells you all about the weird things she had heard at school.
I'm looking forward to the age where they can look at me with disgust and go..."You used to WHAT???!"

Jodi said...

Once after Jonah was born I made the mistake of letting the girls talk me into taking a bubble bath with them. I thought the bubbles would cover up most everything. Apparently they didn't cover up enough because Ruby pointed and exclaimed, "Look! There's Jonah's dinner!"

Ruby was also horrified to discover she would someday grow hair in certain places.

The bathroom is now strictly off limits to kids when I am in there. My self esteem is much better off without those horrified looks!:)

Patty Ann said...

Oh yeah!! I have so been in this place (only I didn't get to move!). Good thing you think you are done, because one of the worst things my kids ever found out was that it takes SEX to make a baby. I had six teenagers when the last baby was born, and let me tell you, they were NOT nice about it. My youngest son and daughter would not speak to me for several weeks and whenever they looked at me it was with glares and animosity. I used to despair of ever having a normal relationship with them after that!! The craziness does not stop when they become teenagers. Sometimes, it is worse!

iamwoman said...

Oh--seriously the worst. Kai was in a public bathroom with my one time and yelled, "hey mommy! girls have boobs and boys have pecs!" We were so excited that he was actually forming sentences that I just laughed it off.

Funny, funny.

MiMi said...

That is awesome! The other day I took my 5 year old with me into the bathroom at the grocery store and he goes, "Ooooh, Mommy, it stinks in here!" And seriously, I wasn't pooping! Or anything yet! It just stuck in there but I'm sure everyone in there thought I was crappin.

Cherie said...

Hey kids like to share what they know! That is hilarious!!
I teach a Sunday school class and if the parents of my eight 4 year olds even had a clue what those kids tell me they would be so embarrassed! I love it!

Lind Family said...

Cherie, that is great!!
I love, Dee! What a sweet, innocent kid!
My little man, P, keeps asking his speech therapist about her big belly. It is rather embarrassing and I feel so bad!

Myya said...

Kids are always so curious about that, my niece in Florida was watching me nurse Amira when we went to visit. She was maybe 5 or 6. She was completely facintated with it. My sister kept apologizing & I was like if you don't mind can I answer any questions she has. My sister said go for it as long as you are ok with it. They are Catholic so I knew she would understand the whole God approach to it & how when a mommy has a baby God puts milk in there for babies to eat until they are big enough to have other food. You could see her wheels turning & then BAM she got it. No more staring, she understood it now so it wasn't such a big deal. Funny how kids work. Ohh I have another really funny story I have to tell you... I'll email it to you.

Lisa said...

OK... I'm posting mine up there for the world to see. come on over and laugh! :) I don't even care if you're laughing AT me! :)

Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

I flippin' love kids. Even more when they embarrass their parents. My then 5 year old told my MIL her house smelled like crap once. And my niece told my MIL her butt is ugly. Truth will out.

I have to have the sex talk with my kids REALLY soon because they've gotten the idea somewhere along the way that it's a really bad thing. I am dreading it.


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