Getting Back my Groove with a Giveaway!

I'm trying to get back into my blogging groove again. It hasn't been easy; I still feel like I'm recouping from the cowgirl birthday party we just had for my (brand new) four year old Elle this past weekend. It was a fantastic party, but I have vowed to never do that again. I've realized that I am turning into one of those Pinterest Moms that I despise. You know the kind...The mom that turns their kid into a brat because of loads of overdone parties (as well as lots of other overdone stuff too I imagine).

I didn't used to be like this. We used to just to do cake and a few presents with our little immediate family. I'm not exactly sure what sparked the party planning passion this year. Remember the Super Mario Bros. Party I did earlier this year for my son? And then there was the Rainbow Party for the youngest, Cee, when she turned one (I'm not sure I ever posted pictures for that one).

Now this Cowgirl Party has pushed it too far. At least that's what my husband says. I hate to say it, but...he's right. It's time to tame it down. We can't afford the time or money to do this every year for all four of our children. And if each party has to be bigger and better than the last...where will it end? (Bankruptcy, juvenile detention, or a psychologist's office, that's where.)

I know there's a happy medium in this somewhere...

But look at me. I have wandered far from the post I had intended to write. Ahem. Pardon me.

What I meant to say here is...

Yeah! for blogging! And to celebrate a (hopefully dedicated) return to blogging I wanted to host a giveaway! The Party Works, a website that offers a multitude of party supplies, stumbled upon my Super Mario Bros. party post and has offered to give a Super Mario Bros. Party Pack for 8 to one of my readers! Pretty cool, huh?

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment below telling me just why you like to read Hanging by a Silver Lining or what one of your favorite posts of mine were. Shameless I know, but we could all use a little ego boost every now and then, right?

For extra entries, share this giveaway on Facebook or your own blog. Make sure to leave a new comment along with a blog link and your email address for each thing that you do.

The giveaway will close Monday the 16th at midnight and the winner will be announced on Tuesday the 17th.

P.S. Sorry to any international friends but this prize can only be shipped within the United States.


Bethany said...

I have loved reading about your parties. They might be a little over the top (according to a man) but we all need an outlet for creativity, right? :) We let our kids choose between having a party or inviting a friend on an outing such as a movie every other year, but on the off years they get to go do something fun with just Mom and Dad. (Dinner and mini-golf, for example.) That cuts down on stress for me, and everyone seems to have good memories on both occasions.

Anyway...I love reading your blog because I can relate to so much of what you write about. And what I can't relate to is always informative, uplifting, or a crack-up. And I can always use all of that I can get. :)

Jodi said...

I always love a good party and you've done a great job - love the flags!

As far as birthdays, I told my kids they get a big friend party when they turn 8 and then again at 12. Other than that we're still doing just the cake and family thing every year. Maggie's the only one who's hit the 8 year mark and it was something to remember - we had a ball! It seems to give them something to look forward to and makes those milestone birthdays seem even more important.

And while I do enjoy reading your blog, you don't have to enter me into the giveaway even though it sounds awesome - my boys are too young and have no idea who Mario is! Good luck to all your other readers!:)

Amy said...

So when I got to your blog from Reader today, and this was all before I read your post, I thought how much I love your header, and how much it makes me laugh. See, you didn't even have to bribe me, as I was going to tell you that anyway. But you make me laugh, and I still remember the first post of yours I ever read. It was about your sickness addiction for picture frames. Good times.
Also, your yard/party looks amazing!!! And I gave my son a Mario party for his first birthday. Which basically consisted of a mushroom shaped cake. That is all. Though yours is much more amazing. And if I win this (crossing my fingers and toes and hair and everything else that can be crossed)I can give him a real Mario party! Oh please oh please?! I think you are pretty. And super smart, and persuaded by compliments.

Amy said...

P.S. blogger lies. The word sickness was supposed to be crossed through. I did the html and everything, and nothing worked! Grr.

And while I am at it, did I mention how talented I think you are? With the most well behaved children in the world. And you are gorgeous! (all kidding aside, you really are)

Lisa Thomas said...

I know I'm late for the giveaway, but I thought I'd comment anyway. I love your blog. Thanks for being real and not trying to hide under the perfect mommy mantra. Thanks for showing up barely surviving moms out there that it is possible to keep going! :)

Snakeman said...

A brilliant warts and all blog. Keep up the good work. My daughter's a bit boyish and we had a birthday party with snakes and other animals and not only did she love it, but so too did the friends. Different yes, but it worked well on the day.


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