Jar Love #91: Candy Bar

This one was on my bucket list.

I saw a blog years ago where a mother of 4 little boys had her very own homemade candy store in her kitchen. Jars upon jars of bright, beautiful, colorful, sweet, tempting candy just sitting on her counter top! 

GASP! Isn't that against the Code Book of Momhood or something?!

But I couldn't shake the image from my head. I'm not the biggest candy fan. I mean, come on, I'm not crazy. I won't turn down the occasional cinnamon bear or Bit O' Honey, but I'm more of a chocolate kind of gal. All this sweet, sticky, sugary stuff isn't all that tempting to me.

But isn't it pretty? Candy is my favorite decoration for parties (which by the way is the reason all this candy came to be in our house. Elle's fourth birthday was just last weekend. She picked out most of these from the bulk section of our local Winco grocery store. This is a new favorite birthday tradition in our little family.) It's just so appealing to the eye. And in jars?! Good gracious green gumballs almighty!

My kids surprisingly haven't gone hog wild on it. I had a friend in elementary school that had loads of candy at her house all the time. I remember being so shocked by it. My mom would NEVER have done such a thing. But her mom felt that if it was in the house all the time, it wouldn't be a temptation. She might have had a point in that my friend and her sisters were some of the thinnest girls I knew. *shrugs shoulders*

P.S. All jars were purchased at local thrift stores.

P.P.S. The candy was not. Purchased. At local thrift stores that is. Eww.


Myya said...

I love how that looks. Sooo pretty :)
I totally think that having stuff around makes for less temptation. I have darn near every snack you can imagine & no one in my family are huge snackers (well ok except Aliya & her obsession with oreos) I love having playdates & seeing the kids eyes get really big when they see what they have to choose from. Fun stuff right there! :)

Amy said...

Oooh, that is pretty. I sort of want it. A lot. But the problems is, I would eat it all. We never had sweets growing up. So now, I always want candy. Except, I can pass up the chocolate, it is the sticky sweet ones that I can't say no to. You know, all the pretty colors. It wouldn't be the same all chocolatey and brown... unless I had a brown and pink kitchen. That sounds awesome! I may have new plans for my dream kitchen. Just so I can have my own candy store. Just like yours. Except brown instead of colorful.

Bethany said...

I would be horking down on the peach rings, tootsie rolls and caramel apple pops, just so's you know. I don't think horking is a real word, but I use it all the time.

We usually have one or two kinds of candy around our house, and for two of my kids it isn't a really huge deal. But for the other two - it's bad news. I need to find better hiding spots.


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