Three for Thursday: Selfish Mommy

Blogging seems to be my little indulgent thing I've been doing for myself this week. So why not take it another step and really get self-centered? It's all about me today! At least for the next fifteen minutes. Then someone has to feed those dang kids, do that pile of laundry, and solve the other 13 million problems around here. *sigh*

Three things I accomplished over the summer:
1. Ran my first half marathon
2. Did fairly well at consistently doing "Adventure Days" with my kids
3. Learned how to make homemade tamales

Three things I would do if I had three hours all to myself:
1. Wander around wondering what on earth to do with myself for three hours
2. Treat myself to some fresh sushi, a pedicure, and a real movie at a real movie theater.
3. Hike

Three things I want for Christmas:
1. Lego Lord of the Rings for the Wii
2. A food processor
3. A box of See's chocolates

Three things I would like to learn how to do in the next year:
1. Shop confidently in an Asian grocery store
2. Pressure cooking and canning
3. Bake delicious gluten-free bread and other baked goods from scratch

Three guilty pleasures:
1. The belly dancing part of Zumba
2. Thrift store shopping (especially for jars)
3. Shaytard YouTube videos

Three pictures: (Gotta squeeze the kids in here somewhere!)
Breakfast. The Most Important Meal of the Day. *Bodyguards included.

Giiiiirrrl! You work those leg warmers!

"I love to see the temple! I'm going there someday!"


{leah} said...

When you are ready to pressure cook, message me, I love it and I can walk you through it.

MiMi said...

Hey! I can actually say that I went to See's with you!! Squeeee!!!


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