I Miss Blogging

And I might even be brazen enough to say blogging misses me.

It was one thing I was semi-good at and something that brought me a lot of joy. So why is it so dang hard to get to these days?

As each of my babies have made their grand entrance into the world, I have had to let go of something that was important to me. The time and effort of taking care of a new little one is nothing menial and something's gotta give. I can hardly resent my children. They, of course, are my number one priority. It's just the way of things.

With my first baby, Dee, it was scrapbooking.
With the second, Jeigh, it was my job as an Emergency Department Tech.
With Elle, it was card making.
And with Cee...blogging.

My hope is one day, some of those things will return to my daily life as my kiddos get a little older and more capable of doing things for themselves. For now, I'll grab my moments where I can get them.

So, I'm not here to make any grandiose promises that "I'm baaaack!". Let's just say, today was a good day because I got a few minutes to myself to indulge again in something I love.

Speaking of my day...It's been a productive one and I just want to record what happened so that on my not-so-productive days I can remember what it is to feel accomplished as a mom of four kids ages 8 and under.

6:45 am: Wakeup with Cee
Change and cuddle with Cee
7:00 am: Make sure kids are up and going
Read scriptures
Eat breakfast
Check email and Facebook
Clean up sugar bowl explosion (Thank you Cee!)
Nag incessantly 
8:00: Take big kids to school
Bathe Cee
Clean bathrooms
Sanitize light switches, door knobs, and other surfaces
Get Elle ready for preschool
9:00: Send Elle off to preschool
Grind wheat and make bread
9:45: Run 4 miles on treadmill while catching up on "The Office"
11:00: Start second batch of bread
Bake first batch
Shower, dress, makeup
Phone call with sister
12:15: Out the door to deliver "thank you" bread and jam to someone who was an answer to a prayer
Pick up Elle from preschool/dance
12:30: Drop off dry cleaning
Share a Cafe Rio Wednesday Special (Chicken Tostadas!) with my little ladies 
Library drop-off and pick-up
1:15: Home again, jiggety, jig
Cee down for nap
Finish second batch of bread
Plan, plan, plan
Change and wash wet crib sheets
Comfort crying Cee
3:00: Pick up kids from school
Snack time
3:30: BLOG!
4:00: Homework
5:00: Make dinner
5:30: Eat dinner
5:45: Clean up dinner
6:15: Jeigh piano practice
6:45: Bath night
7:15: Bed time
Family scripture study
Bedtime for four kiddos! 
8:15: Avoid thinking about No Bake Cookies and other chocolaty transgressions
9:00: Bed
Reading, Emails, Facebook, Mystery Manor

Rinse, repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat...

Life is good!


Jodi said...

Glad to see the update! Interesting-because for me, it's much more doable to spend time updating my blog once every two weeks or so but seems so overwhelming and time consuming to be on FB - so I steer clear of it and do what's comfortable for my schedule, which happens to be blogging. I guess we all have our favorites!:)

MiMi said...

Dang, you did a lot.

Lisa Thomas said...

Nice! Glad to see you're kind of back, just like me! :) Have a wonderful tomorrow - hope you get as much accomplished as you did today! :)

Bethany said...

I am amazed at what you got done between seven and eight in the morning. Dang, it makes me feel downright slothful. Actually, if I get as much done all day as you do before ten I feel like a super star! Must change that...

Anyway - always awesome to see posts from you. I almost never blog anymore...wish I did. I honestly just don't feel the excitement for it that I used to. I do miss it though. That makes sense, huh? But, I still read a lot of blogs. Rarely comment anymore though. Really, how did we find time to post every single day?

Amy Involuntary said...

I feel so accomplished and exhausted just from reading this. You had a very busy and productive day, my friend! Love it.
So I may need your help for something. In the activities planning committee we were talking about doing canning for the activity in September. I mentioned you can your candy, and they said they may need you to come teach us how. Would you? Please?!


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