We Need More Ice Cream!

Tonight after dinner I let loose a bit and dished up ice cream for all the kids.

(Well, all except Dee. He's allergic to milk. I offered him his usual substitute popsicle but he vetoed it for celery and peanut butter. Celery and peanut butter instead of popsicles?! Where did I go wrong?!?)

We don't usually indulge in ice cream; in fact, I try to keep all treats to a minimum. And let me just stop you cold before you make silly assumptions about me being such a fabulous mom who is working so hard to instill healthy habits in her little ones.

Truth: I WILL EAT ALL OF IT if it is in the house. That's it. There's the reality.

But tonight was a treat. Dad's out of town. It's a Thursday night. The ice cream bucket is almost empty and taking up lots of space in the freezer. Why not? "Live and let lick" I say!

As my four little ones sat and slurped their ice cream--and celery?!--the conversation began to flow. And before three little bowls of ice cream and one bowl of peanut butter were gone, we had covered, and I believe in this order:

*where babies come from
*the Plan of Happiness
*Heavenly Father's omnipotent, yet very real and personal awareness of every single person and thing on this earth. (Jeigh pointed out that he even knows when we are having "attitudes". Dang straight he knows!)
*Free Agency and why God allows people to do bad things
*What exactly "ants on a log" means
*If someone chose to eat Elle she would taste like "little girl" and not "ant"

Who says junk food is all junk? I think I'm adding ice cream on to my weekly grocery list.


Bethany said...

Two days in a row, Dude. Two days in a row.

Also - I'd rather have a lot of things before ice cream, but your conversations do sound like they'd be well worth it. :)

Amy Involuntary said...

Aw, ice cream really brings a family together, doesn't it? Love the conversation, and more than that, what did you do to your son to make him want celery and peanut butter?! :) Definitely add ice cream to your weekly shopping list if it brings about this kind of family unity.

Lisa Thomas said...

Love it. :)

MiMi said...

aw, the conversations are priceless!

Myya said...

I love it when kids open up like that. It is so fun to hear what they have to say when you are all ears & are keeping the responses coming.


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