Jar Love #5: Brown Rice

Just a little more jar love...

I've been dry packing again, using THIS method.

This time it's not leftover Easter candy. (Rats!) Nutritious, gluten-free brown rice that I purchased in bulk from my local Costco will be saved nicely in smaller portions for my food storage.

Candy or rice, it all looks so pretty to me sitting in clean canning jars. My inner Little Red Hen is preening.

Helpful hint: I cut out the nutrition and preparation information from the bag and stuck it in my recipe book for future reference.

1 comment:

Amy said...

I stand by my earlier comment. You are the canning Queen! I love that you are so good with this. I really need to learn this technique and can some of our wheat instead of let it sit in those huge buckets. Does it help preserve the freshness of ground grains do you know?


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