Lady Gaga VS. Michelle Duggar

Sunday night I watched a touching Mother's Day episode of 19 Kids and Counting.

If you don't know what 19 Kids and Counting is, it's a television program on TLC that documents the Duggar family. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have 19 children, all from the same mom and the same dad. The newest member of the family, Josie, was born three months prematurely, but after spending four months in the NICU, was able to come home which this special Mother's Day episode documented. It was emotionally-stirring to recount their difficult past four months and to re-watch the family worry, pray, and come even closer together for their mom and wife and new, teeny-tiny sister and daughter.

I have zero aspirations to have half as many as children as Michelle Duggar has, but I do admire this sweet family, their dedication to their beliefs (even though they differ from mine), and the love and fun they share as one big happy family. All the children are well-behaved, kind, courteous, helpful, talented, loving, and happy. It is remarkable that such a large family runs so smoothly and does so much. I believe a large portion of that can be contributed to the amazing Michelle Duggar, a mother among mothers.

So, are you wondering what any of this has to do with Lady Gaga yet? I'm getting to that.

The next morning, after watching this tender program, I turned on the radio to listen to while I washed dishes. I wasn't paying very close attention to the morning radio deejays, until I heard them talking about this special episode of 19 Kids and Counting I had just watched.

Only...they weren't talking about how special it was.

They were ripping Michelle Duggar apart for having the gall to have 19 kids in the first place. Then they misquoted her saying she still wanted more kids. I've heard this statement before that they read only chunks of and they totally distorted what she had said. Of course then the conversation turned to how could she even think such a thing when they had such a sick baby on their hands and what if everyone started having 19 kids, this world would be a mess. They accused Michelle of wanting more children just to perpetuate their stardom and TLC's interest in their family.

As the radio deejays ranted on and on about how pathetic and irresponsible the Duggars were, I found myself hardly able to wash my dishes. I was furious!

First of all they had misconstrued several things this family had done and said. Secondly, the Duggar family has it more together than millions of other families out there that have rotten, spoiled, brats for children. All the children are happy and helpful. The Duggars are self-sustaining, completely avoiding debt and welfare. Can very many other families no matter what the size honestly claim the same?

Thirdly, I was livid hearing all this slander about Michelle Duggar when not ten minutes earlier this same radio deejay (who was female by the way) had practically sung the praises of Lady GagMe...Oh excuse me! I mean Lady Gaga. She gushed and oozed about how amazing and inspirational Lady Gaga is.

Lady Gaga! Inspirational?! Seriously?! A recording artist that pushes the boundaries so far, there really are no more boundaries. Boundaries for morals, values, modesty, even just normalcy. As I tried to find a picture of Lady Gaga for this post I could hardly find one that didn't involve open crotch shots, breasts hanging out of "clothes", or orgy scenes. So THIS is who we want to be inspired by? This is who we want our daughters to pattern their lives after? This person, in all her vulgarity and crassness, is who we find so artistic, forward-thinking, and worthy of our praise, affection, money, and pedestals?

But not Michelle Duggar? No way! Not a woman who actually thinks motherhood and family and religion is important. Not a kind, sweet, gentle woman who dresses modestly, speaks softly and wisely, and gives everything she has to being the best mother she can be. No. That's just old-fashioned and irresponsible. How could she be so selfish and out of control to overpopulate the earth with respectful and loving children? The audacity of some women!

Is any one else angered by this??? I was totally yelling at my radio when I heard the contrast in regard for these two very different women. After a bit I realized how futile that was and just turned the dang radio off. As angry as I was, I had to laugh (a rather bitter laugh) that this radio rant took place the very day after Mother's Day, the day we love and praise our society's greatest assets: Mothers.

This world is a scary place, my friends. Scary place indeed.

P.S. If it came to a physical match, I have my money on Mrs. Duggar. She could totally take Gaga. Hello! She has been through labor and delivery 19 times! And she wouldn't have the silly costumes and ridiculous high heels to get in her way. Mama Duggar FTW!


iamwoman said...

I am with ya 100%. This is really appalling.. although (sigh) I am not surprised. It's the world we live in, and as sad and skewed as it is.. atleast we have SOME women in the limelight that DO stand up for what is right and good.

Lind Family said...

I am horrified that many young girls I know think that Lady Gagme (thanks for that!) is awesome. She is a disgrace to womanhood. Thank you for your post.

Sarahie said...

Amen. It is so scary what the world calls role models these days.

Myya said...

Amen to that!!! I am a little infatuated with the Duggars, I mean seriously how amazing are they! It boggles my mind at who some people consider role models. People like Lady Gaga will NOT be getting my votes for role models, especially to young impressionable girls!

Packer Family said...


Brittany said...

I also agree 100%! Mama Duggar is such an inspiration, and is the kind of mother every girl should want to be.....regardless of how many children they want.

Personally, I would have been on the phone giving the deejays a piece of my mind.

Mamarazzi said...

i am seriously grossed out by how nasty people have been towards this family.

when she delivered little Josie prematurely J came home and said, "my friends all say that maybe now she has learned her lesson and will stop having babies"


14 yr old girls are saying such things. my hubz thinks they are just repeating what their parents are saying, which makes me feel even sicker.

J was worried that she was feeling bad for their family and praying for the baby when her friends were basically saying it was a "lesson" she had to learn.

J asked, "Heavenly Father doesn't really do that, right? It's ok to still pray for the baby, right?"

her heart is huge, it was TRULY weighing on her.

i feel a lot of love and respect for the Duggar family and we will continue to pray for this little baby.

Heather said...

Sorry if this ends up as a duplicate comment, blogger is being difficult!

Amen. It is crazy how the adversary is using every possible way to distort the value of family. It's amazing to think about how much the world has changed, even just in the time period since the "Proclamation on the Family" was issued. I've really been noticing a big surge (slide) on television shows that I used to find acceptable. The worldly agenda is everywhere. Before long the Food Network is going to be the only safe channel! (Well, and BYUTV of course!)

Shonie said...

I was reading this and I almost expected you to say that you called in and got all psycho on them. Which you should have. I am affended that a women would take that view of Mrs. Dugger. I think she is totally amazing not that I would ever have that many kids. I think people need to wake up and realize just because someone is all out there and being inventive or what not that is not necessarily a good thing. Wordly DJ I guess.

Jodi said...

You go momma! I totally agree! We don't have TV so I haven't seen an episode about the Duggars, but I've read a lot of similar things about them online. Lady Gaga looks disgusting and it makes me so sad for her and all her fans. What a waste of a life. These are definately the last days and what you heard is prophecy coming true in my opinion. Loved this post!

cannwin said...

You go! I completely agree with you and it makes me want to shut the doors of my house and block the windows when people hail super-stars as role-models and mothers as selfish.

The devil really has a hold on things doesn't he?

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

Lady GagMe - Seriously. I'd have my money on Michelle Duggar too. That would be a fight I'd like to see.

Awesome post.

Jackie said...

You are so right! Thanks so much for sharing. I agree! It makes me nervous for my baby girl to grow up!

I found you over at MMB and subscribed.

Tara said...

AMEN! I totally agree! I love watching the Duggars.

Morgan -Ing said...

I agree. Lady Gaga is not impressive. But a mother who brings babies responsibly into the world and raises them in a stable, loving home is looked down upon? Puh-lease. Disgusting.

Morgan @ thedietcokediet.com

Found you on MMB.

russandkatie said...

I love love love the Duggars!!! Thanks for singing their praises!

P.S. saw it on MMB... I'm not a crazy stalker :)

Haley, Brad, and the gang said...

I just stumbled onto your post from mommyblogs, and I watch the 19and counting too. I feel encouraged when I see the love that they have for family! I agree with your post 100%! Have you been into bath and body works lately. They have huge posters of completely naked women as their new ad campaign. Do they know that there target market group is 30 - 50 year old moms that are worried about hand sanitizer. I can't even take my children in there now.

Saimi said...

I'm totally in awe of the Duggar family and agree with everything you said. I've enjoyed watching their show and how smoothly their lives run. I have to believe it's because they put family and their faith first!

Momza said...

Lady Gaga is just representative of the immoral noise out in the world...screaming, shouting, blaring, in-your-face, noise.
Mrs. Duggar's presence is a quiet but powewrful one...I hope her legacy lasts far longer than LG, who is a self-serving hot mess.

The Atomic Mom said...

Found you thru MMBs. Thank you for saying this. I wonder what the world would be like if we made a bigger deal and championed Michelle Duggar rather than Lady Gag-Gag.

Patty Ann said...

You are so right! I can't believe the way some people behave about choices. It is amazing to me that in our world today, if you are making poor choices, the world loves you. If you are making good choices and putting the Lord first, they hate you. Go figure!

Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

I know it shouldn't, but it still shocks me how immoral and self-serving our society is. It's disgusting. And I'm with you all the way on this one. Values, integrity and respect for self and others is very unpopular these days, and I will never understand people's thinking.

Nice to know there are people out there like you who aren't brainwashed by media and pop-culture!

Sami said...

That's right, I'm still blogstalking you! I saw this link, and just had to read it.
I just don't "get" Lady GaGa. I mean, I'm all for artistic expression, and standing out, but can't you do that, and still be a modest and respectable person? Nowadays, it appears that you can't.

I haven't watched many episodes about the Duggars, but the ones I did see, I was amazed at how self sustaining they actually are! I am in oodles of debt, and I have about 1/5 as many children. She is an inspiration to me too.

This just makes me furious!

Anonymous said...

u no lady gaga isnt lik a slut lik u say dat she is she is also a cool person she helps out u r just seeing wats on the outside ur saying dat it is k to judge people bye da way dat dey look n i dink dat its not fair jus cuz she dresses lik dat doesnt mak her any diff hav u ever even read any ding about her she is very smart n nice she studied alot so dat she could be where she is today n if that family of 21 can do so good den y do dey have to show da whole world god theres people in other countries that hav more kids than dat n still make it though life wit no problem n u dont see dem on tv so doz assholes r just doing this for money cuz i bet u dat dey get alot of free things n duh lady gaga wood win she has millions of followers in dis world but wat did she ever do to u dont judge her wheres ur song oh u dont have one ur just another one of those moms dat goes out n says dat deres bad things in dis world well too bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Benjamin Tully said...

Evelyn, I think you are frustrated by people who pass over the warm, nurturing and motherly qualities of Mrs Duggar, only to attack her unsustainable reproductive behavior. And while I may not agree with having 19 children, or any at all, I am still impressed at her family's ability to live a debt free, constructive and fairly well rounded life.

However, when it comes to Lady Gaga, you choose a path similar to the Duggar-dissers that you so despise. Rather than embrace Lady Gaga's core message of self-worth, self-acceptance and self-empowerment, you are hung up on the vain matters of materialism and provocative attention hounding behavior.

I don't find Lady Gaga's pelvic thrusts or near wardrobe malfunctions any more acceptable to common society than the Duggar's pro-life stance by means of infinite childbearing. Neither teach us how to act responsibly or consciously of those around us. However, I am able to put my political, religious and sexual preferences aside to assess the message behind each of these public figures. When I do, I find messages I both agree with. I challenge you and your community of readers to do the same.

After all, everybody is a little bit different. That means there is always a little bit of something to learn from everyone.

Bethany said...

In regards to the comment above, I have to say that it matters almost as much HOW you deliver your message as it does what the message is. If you give me a gourmet cupcake and frost it with feces, I'm not going to eat it just because it's beautiful on the inside.

Camille said...

To the anonymous nay-sayer, I think we can all admit that the beats within Lady Gaga's songs are good. This leads people to follow and support her. The purpose of this blog post is to discuss the lack of values and morals she posseses. In the comment you left, you said. "u no lady gaga isnt lik a slut lik u say dat she is she is" Nowhere in the post did she say Lady Gag was a slut but while were on the topic let's look. Wikipedia defines slut as "pejorative term applied to an individual who is considered to have loose sexual morals or who is sexually promiscuous" Watch ANY one of her music videos and tell me she isn't all those things... I didn't come up with the word, you did. Just by way of constructive criticism, it is hard to take your comment seriously due to the lack of grammer or punctuation. You may have an excellent opinion on something but you need to present it well. Oh and the blogger wasn't talking about a war of votes, she was talking about a true ring match between the two women.


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