That's-Not-My-Kid Thursday

We were at a restaurant as a family last week, feeling a little frazzled as we usually do when dining out with three children ages five and under. An elderly couple near us got up from their table, and as they walked out, stopped to tell us what beautiful children we have. Well, I could agree with them there. Who doesn't think they have the cutest kids?

But then the woman continued on by saying how well-behaved they were and how obvious their good behavior was because we were such excellent parents and really knew what we were doing.

{cue the sound of crickets chirping}

Joe and I swapped one of those looks between us and I could tell he was thinking what I was thinking: "Stick around lady. You won't feel the same by the end of the evening."

Nonetheless, it was sweet for them to pay us this sincere compliment. They wished me a Happy Mothers Day and walked out.

Sure enough, just as the door closed behind them, Jeigh let out a HUGE belch. Not a second later, Dee loudly announced for the restaurant to hear, "You sound just like my mom and dad!!", and they both burst into belly laughs.

Yup. That's more like it.

What did your someone else's kids do this week? Post on your own blog and link up below (or just leave a comment below).


Heather said...

My 3 year old son and I were in TJ Maxx today. He has a terrible habit of climbing in the clothing fixtures. He got away from me for a minute and I could hear him inside one of the hanging racks, followed by the obvious sounds of hangers hitting the ground. Stay with me. . .it gets worse. I didn't actually look to see where he was before I scolded him to get out of there and hang up what he knocked over. As I came around the corner I found my little boy standing in a big pile of bras trying to hang them back up (unsuccessfully). I didn't know what was worse--not following through with my punishment of picking them up, or standing there patiently while customers watched my little guy handling all of these colorful bras. Argh. I opted to help him pick them up myself and then we skedaddled!

Myya said...

Isn't it always the case when someone says something great about your kids that is when they show thier true colors. ha! I am soooo behind on reading my blogs & I haven't posted for quite a while... I promise once i get a handle on life I will link up again :)


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