Paper Flowers Smell as Sweet

Happy Monday to you all!

I am afraid I am finding myself in a bit of a blog funk...Not good when I just went and made a new blog. Silly Evelyn. In my defense, I have had a lot on my mind AND my hands. Trying to single-handedly run the show is not easy. My hat is off to you single parents out there. Whether temporary or permanent, it is a difficult task. But I suppose we all knew that...It's just being reaffirmed to me as I try to feed, bathe, entertain, get to church, put to bed, heal bumps and bruises, break up fights, (all multiplied by three) clean house, do laundry, pack boxes, wrap up odds and ends, etc, etc, etc all by myself. Whew! It makes me tired just writing about it.

Don't feel too bad for me...At least my stint with single motherhood will be over in a couple of weeks and life will be sooooo easy then. {cue sarcastic throat clearing} And if you are feeling really bad for me and just feel you must to do something: I accept cash, chocolate, and homemade dinners. ;)

Before I put this off any longer, I have been telling people I would post this link on my blog for a long time. Today is the day!

I know we missed out on Teacher Appreciation Week (shame, shame!) but we are making some of these for Dee's teachers before school gets out next week.

These paper flowers can be found over at Housewife Eclectic. I made them for a friend who had just had a baby when my budget didn't make room for fresh flowers. They seemed to be a bigger hit than fresh flowers would have been, so I have stuck with it. They are simple to make; just folding paper! Oh and hot-gluing if you want to get that involved on the stems.

I taught my ward's Young Women how to make these paper flowers for one of their activity nights. You can use any color paper, but we used the colors of their Young Women values (Faith-white, Divine Nature-blue, Individual Worth-red, Choice and Accountability-orange, Good Works-yellow, Integrity-purple, and Virtue-gold {Yes! You can find gold paper!}) to remind them what they stand for. It was a fun night of folding paper and visiting!

*click on pictures to zoom in

Make sure while you are over at Housewife Eclectic getting the instructions for the paper flowers that you stay awhile and check out her other posts. She is an amazing one-woman-show! She has recipes, arts and crafts, photo tips, book and movie reviews, anything and everything. And she posts with new things DAILY! I don't know how she does it. I followed her when she was still a small blog {smugly typed}, but she is quickly building up a following for obvious reasons. She is great! Check her out!

And have a great Monday!


Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Those look super cool!

Jackie said...

They look really great! I love them.

Hang in there girl!

aubrey said...

Oh my gosh I LOVE those! And bravo on the presentation, the jar is so cute! Totally bookmarking this project!


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