i hate blogging

Did I just anger the blog gods?

Hmm...I must not hate it enough if I am still worried about what someone might think of me.

Or maybe that's just me. Always worried about what others think of me.

Dumb. I hate that about me.

Well, I don't care what you think blog gods. {lie}

This blog well is all dried up and trying to remember why I lovedobsessedbreathed blogging.

Deep down, I know I'll remember. Just today, the day I plannedwantedneeded to get something written...

i hate blogging.


cannwin said...

it was a way to release yourself into the world at large! you enjoyed it because you enjoy writing!!! Don't let the requirement to write kill the desire to write.

You're also in a crazy busy time of life and that makes obligations chafe... are you feeling like blogging is an obligation? It's not. it's a release!

Maybe you should change your background, that always makes me feel happy. :)

MommyJ said...

Sometimes I hate it too. So I stop... stop reading, stop writing, stop typing. I stay away for a week or so, until I feel like I have something to say. Then I say it. IF it takes longer to feel like I have something to say, then I wait longer. Summertime especially brings long blog breaks for me... I'm too busy doing nothing with my kids. :)

Jocelyn said...

Don't hate blogging!!! Just take a well needed break and focus on the kiddos! It is summer after all and blogging can wait! So go have a water balloon fight with the kids...it is fun:-)

Jodi said...

I agree.

shortmama said...

I had to take a bloggy break last week to regroup...and it was perfect. Instead of trying to think of a post each day I ended up jotting down things as they happened to post about in the coming weeks. It was the perfect recharge!

Sarahie said...

I'm very wishy-washy about blogging. Sometimes I love the release and sometimes I feel like I'm just begging people for attention. When I feel negative, I try to remember that I'm doing it for me and me alone, even if it is nice to get some attention through it.

I can't remember what my point was (=)), but I guess I'll just say you aren't alone.

And also, I didn't know there were blog gods!

Wonder Woman said...

Well, you already have my two cents, but I'll restate it. Only blog if you want to. Coming back from breaks was hard for me sometimes. Occasionally I'd tell the blog world that I was going to take a break.......only to be back 3 days later. Just telling them I wanted a break seemed to snap me out of it.

And I really do love your blog. I love your honesty and your humor. Don't feel pressured, but I really really like your blog.

iamwoman said...

the only time I hate blogging is when I have nothing good to say and feel bad about it. like NOW. my blog is sucky. so I think that sometimes a breather is necessary. come back when you feel inspiration, and not until then. well, as long as it is not too long of a wait for us:)

Myya said...

I'm feeling this way too. I've been too busy to write and too busy to read the blogs I follow. I feel like I am playing catch up & that is mandatory that I get my homework done. Grrrr. I do however LOVE reading your posts, even when they are just blips about what is goin on. Your personality comes out when you write & I totally read it like I know you. That is weird huh.


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