The One Where I Participate in Mamarazzi's Red, White, and Blue Swap

(Optional titles: The One Where I Buy a New Friend or The One Where I Don't Tell My Husband What I Do on the Internet)

Red White and Blue Swap

Mamarazzi @ Dandelion Wishes is hosting her famous Red, White, and Blue Swap and I just couldn't help myself. I am in! I participated in her Favorite Things swap, had so much fun, and made a life long friend. I like to think she likes me for my dazzling personality and not the super cool package I sent her.

I have to admit I am a little nervous about putting together a package after moving so recently. I am not very familiar with my new town and all my craft supplies are in storage. I don't want to resort to filling my box with Walmart fodder...So! I am making a little challenge for myself: Only 50% of my box can be purchased at Walmart. I am loading up all three kids in the van and making a bit of a scavenger hunt out of this for us. We're going to go discover our new town! Whew! Hope I am up for this!

My husband doesn't get why I like swaps so much. But is it so hard to understand? Who doesn't love making a new friend? Or getting a personalized package in the mail?? Or even just sharing yourself with someone by putting together a creative package and in red, white, and blue no less??! Who?! I ask you! WHO?!? Okay...well, probably not him, but I totally dig it.

Can't wait to meet my new swap partner! Thanks for hosting Mamarazzi!


Sami said...

Woot woo! I find myself keeping Mamarazzi's blog page open, and refreshing it every few minutes, to see who else has joined in the fun! Which one will it be? Who'll be my new, bribed into submission, friend?

Patty Ann said...

Sounds like fun! I have never tried a swap before.

Mamarazzi said...

you and Sami are cracking me up! you are both such cute, fun, girls who put together awesome packages.

i am glad you are playing and my husband just started getting the whole "swap" thing and why it is awesome. i think it is because i got such an amazing package from Sami from the spring swap shortmama hosted.

Myya said...

I'm soooo excited too! I agree with Sami, I've looked at Mamarazzi's page quite a few times to see who is all "in". I have to admit I am a little nervous about this swap. I'm scared I will have a hard time trying to keep everything red white or blue. I always panic though.. but then I pull it out, cuz well I am cool like that!
P.S. Love the other two titles for this post. & SERIOUSLY guys don't get it! My husband thinks I am an idiot. Although, he sure doesn't complain when I win cool stuff. Such a hypocrite! :)

Janna said...

Why don't the boys get it? I think swaps are GREAT! Looking forward to getting to know you!

Debra Joy said...

I love these swaps! I love that the alternate titles included The one where I don't tell my husband what I do on the internet. That is totally what this is for me too. :)

{leah} said...

I don't tell my husband what I do either. Hey... don't ask, don't tell :)

And yes you made a life long friend! and definately for more than the awesome box that you sent. {but yes that did help:) }

Sarahie said...

That sounds so fun! It made me wonder what I would put in a box, and I have no idea what I would do. I can't wait to see what you get and what you send!


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