Let me re-phrase that...

I do not "hate" blogging.

That and I really need to learn how to filter myself before I start writing. But maybe that's why some people like to read my blogs...Let's see what other stupid things Evelyn can say without realizing it.

"Hate" is a rather strong word, isn't it? For example, I totally HATE coconut and snakes and child molesters and Farmville invites on Facebook and that group of girls that were so mean to me in junior high. (Time heals all wounds?? Maybe in another twenty years.)

But hate blogging?


How could I hate something that has brought me so much joy and opportunity to express myself? And friends! Blogging is about connecting people. People who encourage you when you say dumb things like "I hate blogging". People (my sister actually, who although a mom herself, I believe still qualifies as a "people") who coincidentally send you ideas and sketches for a new blog header that instantly taps into some deeply stashed creative juices.

I liked what some of you said about not letting blogging become a chore. Sometimes I get a little too big for my britches and begin thinking things like "But my public neeeeeds me!"

Eh...No you don't. Pretty sure I'm not on your mind 70% of your day. I'm betting you make decisions without first consulting my blog for direction. I imagine you even stalk other blogs more frequently than my little neck of the blogosphere. At least that's what my therapist was telling me the other day.

So! No, I do not "hate" blogging. I will not let it become a "chore". I will use it freely in a very selfish manner, doing myself a service and not deluding myself into thinking it is a public service. I will embrace writer's block as a gracious device that will allow me to dedicate myself to other areas of my life such as laundry and meal planning and morning showers. I will continue to read and admire others' blogs whilst simultaneously feeling pride and expressing individualism in my own blog.

Aaaahhh. Now doesn't that feel better? I think we have made a lot of progress today...

Anyone else need the couch now??


Patty Ann said...

I have definately noticed that whenever I get a little too big for my britches, someone is perfectly willing to help me cut them down to size! I don't think anyone who has ever read your blog believes that you "hate" blogging. What is a good blog for if not to vent once in awhile! :-)

cannwin said...

oooh, what group of girls!?

{leah} said...

Well, do you feel better?? I'm so glad you got that off your chest! :) And I"m glad that you don't hate blogging!!

By the way... I'm considering waffles tomorrow for breakfast, and am wondering what you tink about that. :)

{I'm haveing a C-section Aug. 9... the count down has begun :) }

Sarahie said...

I feel refreshed after reading your thoughts. They put mine into perspective too. I'm too tired to really expound on that without confusing you and me, so I'll just say thanks. I needed to read this. =)

Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

Ha! I love the bit about morning showers. You nailed it. :)

Thinking along these same lines lately. Why write if there's nothing worth saying, right? We can sweep the floor instead.

Wonder Woman said...

I "thumbs up" this.

I like what you said about embracing your writer's block and being more productive elsewhere. Way to look for the silver lining!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

I need you Evelyn. I so, so need you.


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