Three for Thursday: It's Only Goodbye for a Little While

3 for TH was going to be over at Sarah's this week, but the poor girl has had a seriously traumatic week. Her grandmother passed away and her brother in law is experiencing some major medical misfortunes. Keep her and her family in your prayers, would you?

Katy is busy celebrating her hunka hunka burnin' love on his birthday today. Happy Birthday Eric!

And me... Well I am just plain burned out. My husband is out of town...AGAIN and I am hanging on for dear life much less than hanging by any silver linings. Being out of town for six weeks out of a seven week time period is NOT okay.

Methinks I am going to take some pressure off myself and take a break from 3 for TH until the fall. Sarah? Katy? You with me on this one?

Until then...here's one last parting 3 for TH for any of you die-hards out there. No prize this week, but the prize of joining in. I apologize for being such a pathetic and fickle blogger these days. It's the nature of the married single parenting game.

Three excuses:
1. My husband is out of town...AGAIN.
2. It's the nature of the married single parenting game.
3. The fridge was empty and the sink was full. Out to dinner we go.

Three favorite children’s books:
1. Stuart Little
2. Anything by Sandra Boynton
3. The Indian and the Cupboard

Three decorating styles I like:
1. Shabby chic. It's so doable. If I mess up on a project, I just distress it some more and call it "messy on purpose".
2. Taking inspiration from nature: neutral tones, blue tones, wood and rock accents
3. My decorating style: eclectic, antiquated, recycled.

Three things I do differently than my mother did:
1. Make a meat dish at almost every meal.
2. Do not keep my house meticulously clean.
3. Had four children instead of five.

Three things I’m waiting for:
1. A paycheck in the mail
2. Our big family camp out
3. Joe's long awaited return

Three things I want to be when I grow up:
1. A waitress at a mom and pop diner.
2. A better and sought after writer.
3. Skinny.

Three things I do because they’re good for me and NOT because I like doing them:
1. Not drink pop.
2. Go to bed before midnight.
3. Pay bills.

Three things I appreciate about my middle child or middle sibling: (My middle sibling Dan is having a birthday today so I'll go with middle sibling. Plus I have two middle children...Too confusing.)
1. Works for the government protecting our country from bad guys.
2. Married a nice girl and gave my kids four cousins to play with.
3. If I ever need a place to stay in Puerto Rico, he'll gladly let me use his floor for my air mattress.

Three truths about me:
1. I am the oldest of five children.
2. I am 5'10" and the shortest out of those five children.
3. I may be the oldest, but I'm also the biggest baby out of all those five children.

Three pictures:
Elle's birthday cake. She turned three on the 7th. It's not a cruel implication. She really does like rocks.

The birthday girl as the rest of us ate dinner and got ready to cut up cake. We could NOT wake her up. All partied out.

Joe and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary on Monday. I love you Joe!


Cannwin said...

You know... you should take a trip to St. George whilst hanging on for dear life. :)

MiMi said...

Happy anniversary! What an adorable cake. :)
Why is Joe gone so much? His job makes him travel too much. BOO!

Wonder Woman said...

Happy Anniversary! And I love shabby chic stuff, though I can never find a way to make it work in my home.

We need to get together again. My place?

Myya said...

Your a mama, a single mama a lot of the time & heck it is Summertime so that is all the reasoning you need to take a much needed break :)

I've been a bloggy loser but whatever it's SUmmer! See how I use that excuse too. hee-hee

We are a meat family too... always some sort of meat on the table for sure!!!

Meticulously clean house... what is that??? LOL

Puerto Rico... I have TONS of family over there. My mom, my sisters & I are supposed to go there next July for a huge family reunion (hmmm wonder if that will actually happen???)

You are the shortest at 5'10"...HOLY SMOKES!!! I am a whopping 5'1" 5'2" on a really good day LOL.

LOVE Elle's Birthay cake. How fun!

Ahhh the true sign of a great Birthday... passed out on the floor!

LOVE your wedding picture, I actually look at it every time I open your blog :) Such s beautiful girl, such a beautiful couple. Happy Anniversary to you guys.

Creating Sarah said...

Thanks, Evelyn. The fall sounds good to me. =)

Lisa said...

Hey girl. Sounds tiring over there. If you need a break, feel free to come up here. We can let the big ones run wild while we drown our sorrows in watermelon! :)

Carli W. said...

I love reading your 3 for Thursdays, they'll be missed, but I'm not too sad about it. I get over such things quickly.

I hope you are still hanging in there alright. I don't know that talking on the phone makes stress go away, but you're welcome to call if you need someone to cry or complain or rejoice with....or just come visit.

If it makes you feel better, my family and I were just down the street from you on Saturday eating at a VERY tasty ice cream place, and I thought of you and wondered how I could possibly convince my husband to stop by your home (I couldn't come up with anything that could persuade him---schedule, schedule, schedule). BUT, I thought of you...

Happy July days to you!

A Randomlicious Blog for the Soul said...

I'm glad I got to read this post! I feel like I've missed most of your 3 for Th but they are great when I get to read them. I understand you needing to take a break. I only have 2 but I can't imagine 4! WOW you deserve a gold star for sure!

I love Shabby Chic too! I try to make a meat dish at every meal except maybe pasta days.
Love the cake too! Great idea. Are those edible rocks? I'm sure they are, but it's so cool and different.
Have a great weekend


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