3 for TH Prompt {07 July 2011}

I had every good intention of being here every day since I posted last week.

Umm. About that...

I think I was having too much fun hanging out with the family for a fantastic Fourth of July celebration. (Why did it have to end??) Now I seem too busy playing catch up from that fantastic weekend to be here.

Meh. Oh well. I bet you are all busy being busy too.

If you feel so inclined, here is the prompt for tomorrow's Three for Thursday.

See you tomorrow! Probably most likely maybe so.

Three confessions:

Three things I do to beat the heat:

Three lessons, skills, or new tricks I have learned this past month:

Three things that motivate me to be a better person:

Three things I would do if I wasn’t “Mommy”, married, and burdened with cares:

Three people I call first:

Three things I changed about my parenting after testing them out on my guinea pig child (first child):

Three things that make me cry:

Three things I’m going to accomplish before the summer is over:

Three pictures:

P.S. The winner of last week's 3 for TH threesome prize is...Leah at The Dog's a Boy Too!
Double P.S. A few people pointed out to me that a threesome prize could imply something other than the totally awesome package of three things that Leah is going to be receiving in the mail...
Thanks for ruining my catch phrase for me, ya pervs. ;)
Triple P.S. The ever gracious Sarah at Creating Sarah and the ever ambitious Katy at The House of Estrogen have consented to play co-hostesses with me for the 3 for TH. Each week we are going to take a turn hosting and sending out the--ahem--three-ish (darnit! It just doesn't have the same ring!) prize to the lucky follower/participant/winner. Three times the hostess! Three times the fun!
Sarah? You want to take a stab at this next week???


Creating Sarah said...

Yeah, I'll be ready for next Thursday!

{leah} said...

yeah for me!!! I won!


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