My sister called me out.

I got this text from her today:

"You can't get people all excited about you blogging 15 minutes each day then leave them hanging."


The blog is called HANGING by a Silver Lining after all. *cheeky smirk*

And that's kind of what I'm doing most days. Read my profile description. It says it right there.

I'm so busy tending to my three other New Year's Resolutions and four kids that I've really let my first resolution of blogging or journaling fall through the cracks.

Funny how when you're living a life worth blogging about, you don't have the time to blog about it.

I had every good intention of filling you all in on my history as a food allergy mama last Wednesday...

But then I got embarrassed because I realized how whiny I had sounded in my lament about having kids with food issues.

I mean--Come on. There are worse things in life. At least it's not PKU or diabetes or cancer or mental illness or disfigurement or...or...dare I list any more?

It's just food. It's just dairy and wheat. It's just going to take some time and perseverance on my part to get it figured out and running smoothly.

I know that.

I just needed to whine for a bit. And in some small way it made me feel better.

Selfish blogger. Guilty as charged.

First I got embarrassed. And then I got busy. Blog or journal daily quickly transformed from "on my list"  into "later" turned into "not tonight" turned into "k;ljbga[s08dfgb][abvfzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz".

So...all the same excuses.
Shake it off.
Try again.
It's not like anyone reads my blog anyway.
Except my sister.

(Love you, Mille.)

Short story LONG...

Maybe I'll be back tomorrow.

Maybe I won't.


P.S. I just read through this post. It's basically about nothing. I'm a dork. Don't read this. Go to bed.


Creating Sarah said...

You're an awesome dork. (not really a dork, though...I love you!) You are inspiring me to get up and start getting blog-worthy again.

Thanks and keep on being awesome!

Missy0327 said...

I read your stuff!! :)

Carrie said...

Too late... I read the post. And dang it-- I just woke up so I can't go to bed.

You are not whiny. You are lovely;)

Camille said...

What kind of a post was that!? You are a word smith! Word SMITH!!! If I had the abilities you do I would...probably squander it and waste time still but man use your powers for good or evil or something. Just use them. He he he Man I am so good at calling other people out. I appreciate you writing something. My day is fulfilled. Have a great day!

MiMi said...

BAHAHAHA! I'm reading Camille's comment. LOL!

Wonder Woman said...

You make me laugh. I don't know how super-powered your phone is, but a friend has inspired me to start blogging from my smart phone. She posts like one picture/day with a little caption.

I wrote a post last night in bed because I was too lazy to get up and find my son's journal. So, you know. Whatever. Maybe just copy and paste your favorite status update from the day. :o)

Sami said...

I may not always comment, dear friend, but I am always here reading. :)
And if you keep calling my friend bad names like "whiney", I may just have to open a can on you in 42 sleeps...
Love you!

Myya said...

I like posts like this... all the ramble, it makes me feel like all the stuff in my day & in my head make sense. It'st the life of a mom, it's real.

Loooove your sis for calling you out, my sis would totally do the same!

Bethany said...

I'm here! Late, but here.

Carli W. said...

I think you're hilarious! I'm sorry about the food allergies. Is losing so much weight so fast a healthy thing? You're making me nervous.


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