In celebration of the birthday boy, here are seven things about my oldest and only son, Dee:

1. His favorite clothes are pajamas. He often changes into them as soon as he walks in the door from school  or church. He would wear them all day every day if only his mother would let him.

2. He was born in Southeast Idaho, but didn't stay long. In his short seven years he has lived in four states and five houses/apartments. Luckily he makes friends easily and enjoys hanging out in moving trucks on those long drives with his dad.

3. His favorite food is spaghetti. Not necessarily because it tastes good, but because it is Mario's (Super Mario Bros.) favorite food. *motherly sigh* He also likes green apples, salad, blueberry pancakes, cinnamon bagels, orange pop, tortillas, homemade chicken noodle soup, and sorbet.

4. He rarely ever sleeps past 7:30 am. In fact he will often wake up at 4 am just to play Super Mario Bros. In character.

5. When he was around 14 months old and just learning to walk he toddled over to the oven that had been left open so hot food could be pulled out. Before anyone could stop him he placed both hands on the hot door and burned his palms badly. That is the most pain I've ever seen my little son in. He had humongous blisters that covered his entire palms. He had to be sedated at the hospital so they could clean and bandage his hands. The bandages made him look like a little boxer and complicated crawling. As sad as it was, it helped him to learn how to walk and taught him a very valuable lesson about staying away from something that is "HOT!".

6. He loves to go on long drives but mostly because it means we will probably stop at a convenience store. He has this thing for convenience stores.

7. He still sleeps with a Winnie the Pooh Bear blanket that a co worker gave me at a baby shower. He has to have it placed over him ever so particularly every single night. I've never been a big Winnie the Pooh fan, but I think I might cry the day he says he's too old for it.

Seven years ago this crazy, wonderful, little boy changed my life forever. And I will be forever grateful he did. I love you Dee! Happy Seventh Birthday!


Jeremy, Lana, Brenna and Mason said...

Aww the burnt hand picture is so cute, and I can TOTALLY tell that it's him! So cute!

MiMi said...

Awww, what a beautiful post. Happy birthday to the little Mario lover! Good thing his burnt palms healed so he can rock the game!

Myya said...

What a great post! He is such a doll & ohhh my goodness him as "Mario" soooo cute!
Poor lil punkin with the "boxing gloves" ouchie BIG TIME!
That last pic of you two together is FANTASTIC!!!

Lisa said...

What a sweet post. Fun things about your big boy!!! :)


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