Three for Thursday: I'm on a Roll!

Hey! Lookie here! I'm on a blogging roll. Can't quit now. But I'm beat. After being up for two hours in the middle of the night with various children I barely made it through a sloppy treadmill workout (but I did! Go me!) and the rest of my day was spent wandering around the house wishing I had the energy to do something more than just wander. An easy, no-pressure, not-very-clever-but-definitely-informative Three for Thursday it is!

Three things that turn my frown upside down:

2. Exercise. Who knew?!
3. Some good loud music.

Three books I'm reading right now:
1. The Book of Mormon (New Years Resolution going strong!)
2. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (I'm starting all over again, relishing every moment.)
3. The Magic Tree House Series (Thanks everybody for the tip on that one! All the kids are eating them up!) 

Three things I can pat myself on the back for:
1. Losing 63 pounds since May 2011.
2. I got all of my children to eat at least half of their squash tonight! I'll keep trying. One of these days I'm going to wear them down and they will love it just as much as I do.
3. Dee's Mario birthday party. It was SUPER!

Three things that worry me:
1. Baby Cee still won't put weight on her left leg after taking her first tumble down the stairs last Friday.
2. I'm a terrible friend.
3. Finances.

Three things I'm looking forward to in the year 2012:
1. Summer family camp out.
2. Finally reaching my dream weight goal.
3. Running in my first half marathon (September 2012!)

Three pictures:
Satan--I mean Santa made a visit at our house. She was not impressed.

This girl knows how to power up in the morning.

The Christmas ornaments I made for the family for 2011. I'm sorta kinda really proud of them. Can you guess whose is whose? And why?

Happy Thursday!!


MiMi said...

I had lots of things to say but after seeing those ornaments I'm STUNNED.
If you ever have a spare moment (lol) you need to start an etsy shop, friend.

Creating Sarah said...

You aren't a bad friend! You are awesome. I'm once again inspired by you. You are one of those people that I want to be more like. =)

Myya said...

SERIOUSLY those ornaments are amazing!!! What a fantastic job you have done. I love the idea of creating something that is kid specific (mom & dad specific too I see). What a great memory for when they are older. I soooo wish I had an ounce of your talent.

Impulsive Addict said...

Woo hoo on the weight loss!! Very nice! And a 1/2 marathon?? Wow! I wanna do one!

You made those ornaments?? You are so crafty!!!


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