A Meal in the Life of a Food Allergy Mom

Saturday was a busy day of  lawn work, paying bills, paper work, traveling to watch my younger brother compete in a college track event, laundry, and a dozen other odds and ends. Before I knew it 7 pm was breathing down my neck, along with a herd of ravenous children wondering if Mom was ever going to feed them.

Oh, right. I'm usually in charge of that.
Let's see...

As I've whined related before, whipping up dinner at my house isn't the easiest task. With one son allergic to milk in any form and a daughter with Celiac Disease, coming up with a dinner for everyone is...complicated.

Saturday, after a few moments of panicked brainstorming, I alighted upon a dinner solution: The good ol' classic, Mac n' Cheese!

Crowd pleasing.


Putting all four burners to work: 1- Gluten-free mac n' cheese, 2- plain elbow noodles, 3- regular Kraft mac n' cheese, and 4- steamed broccoli. Four separate spoons to avoid cross contamination. Two timers and one clock to time each one out. Two parents working together to make sure nothing gets burned or spills over.

Say "CHEESE! and macaroni!"

Well, at least we got "crowd-pleasing" down.

I'm not whining again. I promise. We're getting our system down as we make everyday adjustments to keep everyone safe, healthy, happy, and well-fed.

I just have to laugh and record these moments. Moments where an "easy" dinner like mac n' cheese turns into a carefully choreographed dance around a busy, hot stove and a mountain of dirty dishes afterwards.

All in the life of a food allergy mom. 


Amy said...

You, my friend, are a super star! Seriously amazing.

Sorry I have been so vacant lately. I really do want to meet up. Life just snuck up and we had a not so nice show down. I think (hope)I am winning now, though. When works for you?I can make almost anything work for me.

Lisa Thomas said...

Geez louise!!! You are amazing. I'm so impressed that you had steamed broccoli too- I would have just pulled out the bag of florets and let them eat them crunchy! :)

Nicole said...

You're just fantastic. End of story. :)

MiMi said...

I can't make boxed mac and cheese. Like, it's impossible for me. Hamburger Helper too...I'm stupid.


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