Three for Thursday

Three things I think people don't understand about me:
1. I'm not a drama queen. I'm just a little sensitive.
2. I really REALLY REALLY hate talking on the phone. For reals.
3. I like being alone sometimes.

Three things I did yesterday:
1. Bought my first pair of real running shoes!
2. A really good pirate impression.
3. Cleaned my local thrift store out of pint canning jars.

Three things I (not so) secretly enjoy:
1. Drinking diet soda every now and then.
2. Wearing spandex.
3. Playing Lego Harry Potter on the Wii. By myself.

Three things I plan to conquer eventually: 
1. My food addiction.
2. Debt.
3. My fear of food storage and emergency preparedness.

Three songs I'm lovin' lately:
1. "Tonight" by FUN
2. "Somebody That I Used to Know" by Gotye
3. "Safe and Sound" by Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars

Three pictures:
This poor girl inherited her mom's sense of balance. She was jumping from cement park bench to cement park bench and missed. At least with her feet. This is Day 3.
Isn't she a beaut?! And I don't have small hands!

Trouble. She can find it. And very quickly.

1 comment:

MiMi said...

Look at Cee!! She's so big!!
The face hurts me. Ouch.
And LOL that you cleared out the jars...after yesterday's post I can only imagine!


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