Vlog Vednesday #3: Happiness is a Choice

Ugh. Ugh. UGH!

I have been whining so much. Are you sick of me? Because I'm sick of me.

Sure, life has been a struggle for us lately, but isn't life a struggle for everyone? I really need to break out of this whiny rut I'm in. I was thinking today how much I have to be thankful for. We have so much. Why does a little episode of sickness make me feel like the world is falling apart?

Sigh. One of these days I will learn to be more dignified and handle my trials with a little more grace. There's something to be said for "suffering in silence".


Caranna said...

You are awesome!
I am happy that my husband surprised us by coming home an hour early. I am happy that he suggested we go have a fun evening as a family, and I'm happy that we actually left the house (Something we haven't done all together since the baby was born in December, well, other than church.) AND I'm happy that we had such a fun time bowling, even though we all did really bad!

Myya said...

So happy to see the smile on your face & sweet little Cee :)


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