Vlog Vednesday: Testimony

Joe's on vacation this week, so while he's home with the littles, I seized the opportunity to visit one of my favorite places on earth, the temple.

I really love being in the temple, for so many reasons, if not that the crowd there (notoriously, little old ladies and little old men) makes me feel like a spring chicken. And these days...I'll take any chance I get to feel young again.

While I was there, I realized it was Wednesday, Vlog Vednesday to be exact. A little heart-to-heart on the lawn of the temple? Why not?


(If you have any questions about some of the terminology I'm using or about the LDS faith, visit Mormon.org.)


Xazmin said...

You're so amazing. I just love you.

amber-girl said...

*Love this* !!!

Erin said...

wow. your courage is always so inspiring to me. I admire your willingness to do what is right, no matter what! Thanks, Evelyn!

Amy said...

Its all been said, but it is true. You are amazing! What a great example.


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