Because I Want it All or Nothing at All

I'm an all or nothing kind of girl.

When it comes to...everything.

I listen to a cd over and over and over and over until it is burned in my head, put it away, and forget about it for months, even years.

Even if I'm full and my stomach says "don't do it", I HAVE to finish that whole dang candy bar. (Obviously, this one gets me in a lot of trouble).

We're going to have kids? Okay. Let's hurry and get them all here and then be done.

Cleaning? Can't just clean one room. Let's spring clean the whole house.

If I start a book, life stops until the book is consumed.

You can bet if I don't blog on a Monday or Tuesday, it ain't gonna happen the rest of the week either, even if I have the time on a Wednesday. If I have enough time I'll first write a post for Monday. Then Tuesday. THEN I'll write for Wednesday.

Get the picture?

And here I am. I made it here on a Monday. And I have everything in the world to say and nothing to say all at the same time.

Much randomness to follow.

Cee turned two months yesterday. She celebrated by sleeping an entire 7 hours straight. Her kind of partying scares me. When I woke up at 7:42 am and realized I had been wholly unconscious since 1 am, I lit from my bed and rushed to her crib to make sure she was still breathing (When is that fear ever going to subside? I still do that with my six year old if he sleeps longer than usual.)

I decided it was high time I get my life back in order. This morning I woke up at 5 am, fed the baby, and began my day with a bang. Writing, dishes, prayers, scripture study, eating healthy, drinking tons of water, peeing tons of pee, kid stuff, more kid stuff, more not-kid stuff. By 3 pm I regretted that early morning ambitious decision. I can hardly see straight right now.

In my go-get-'em condition today, I called up DiSH Network and canceled our satellite service. Permanently. They did their best to try to convince me otherwise(How many times can one girl say "No thanks!"?), but when they get down to it, they get down to it. The service was shut-off before the guy even said goodbye. Woah. I confess...It hurts a bit. Now who's going to entertain my kids when I need to get anything done?

Dee started piano lessons on Saturday. Today was his first day of practice. By the end of it, I was ready to quit. Him too. I kept it together though. Still, after our practice session, I found him laying on his bed, sobbing. I tried to regather my patience about me and be the loving patient mother he needed me to be. When I asked what was wrong he said, "It's so much harder than I thought". I almost started crying too. Because I'm feeling all sorts of philosophical about life today. True that, Dee. True that.

Trying to rouse the self-esteem of my little man I asked him what made him happy. "Going to the theater" was his immediate response. Not really what I was going for, but okay. Let's try another one. I asked him what made him excited. "Going to a bigger theater!"

In my all or nothing posting (meaning NOTHING) I didn't post about this little goodie that I won from Mamarazzi's Etsy Giveaway about 437 years ago. What an ungrateful girl am I! I won it before Cee made her appearance and asked if I could wait to cash in on it until after she was born and I had a name to put on the "lovey" and burp cloth.

Super precious, right? (Tell me again why I try to keep my kids' names secret on here?) Thank you so much Mamarazzi! You rock my blogosphere! And thank you to Carrie at My Lil Luv Bug Boutique! You do gorgeous work!

I stumbled upon this blog today. A young mom of four boys living on an air force base in Japan blogs about what it's like to live in the after effects of an earthquake and tsunami. Very touching and yet educational all at the same time. Make sure you read this post because everybody needs a good cry sometimes.

Since we moved to this house (and yes I keep meaning to post pics. I just never seem to be able to keep all the rooms clean enough at one point in time to run around and take pictures. All or nothing...I'm tellin' ya'...) I have this gorgeous, spacious, ridiculously long storage room to fill and no excuses left to not do food storage and emergency preparedness. Dangit.

My little brother gets home from Argentina in 23 sleeps. I haven't seen him since Christmas 2008. I can't wait!

I have been planning on exercising all day. "Planning on" is quickly turning into "thinking about it" which is most certain to dissolve into "maybe tomorrow". Ugh.

And if I don't exercise today, you know what that means for the rest of the week...


MiMi said...

That set you won from Mamarazzi is awesome!
I'm happy you made it to the blog on a Monday.
I can NOT believe Cee is 2 months. Already!!
What else. I dunno, all this random gets me all randified! :)

MiMi said...

OR is that randomified?

Jeigh said...

Have I mentioned before how your babies make me baby hungry. It's still true. And your storage room makes me storage hungry.

Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

A lot of women would kill for that storage room. You lucky lady!

My MIL teaches piano and my boys have started taking lessons too. Just remember that it's line upon line, precept upon precept, and that it's ok to go really, really slow until it all starts to click - and it will. :) Or maybe he needs an easier lesson book? :)

Jeremy, Lana, Brenna and Mason said...

Can I just say how insanely jealous I am of that storage room?? Awesome!!!! Happy to see a picture of Lucy! She's adorable! Can't wait to see more of the house!

Karin said...

I just stumbled upon your blog through my friends blog. I just want you to know I love your blog! You are a cute girl :)

Lisa said...

YAY! Glad you're back! Been missing you! :)

Impulsive Addict said...

Oh I love your cute little lovey and burp cloth and I love the pic of Cee!!

I'm glad you're back to blogging again! =)

shortmama said...

If I had to post in any kind of order I would never get anything posted! I can barely get anything posted at all...let alone in order!

Carrie said...

Oh I am SOOOOOOOOOO an all or nothing kinda girl. That's probably why I love ya. Give yourself a pat on the back though. You did just have a baby 2months ago. You get to use that excuse for another 10 months.

Jodi said...

I agree about your darling baby! She looks like she's growing like a weed. So cute!

Hang in there with piano. I can't take much credit with Maggie. Her teacher is really good about breaking things down. She has her practice one line 5 x's. She says that's how many times it takes to click, then she can move onto the next line. It really works. Maggie is pretty motivated all by herself. Her practice time is 5pm each night and she's really good about sticking to it without much nagging from me. I just have to remind sometimes. There have been some frustrating times, but like anything else there's also really good times. Ruby will start next fall when she's 6, we'll see how that goes!

Lorie, Maggie's teacher, told me at the beginning of our lessons to put a clear jar on top of the piano and let her put a marble (or whatever) in each day that she practices. When she puts in 7 marbles, she gets a small reward. Maybe extra outside playtime, whatever would continue to motivate her. I don't know if that would help at all?!

Best of luck! You're an awesome lady!

aubrey said...

I read this last night and had good intentions to prove to both of us that I could in fact start exercising on a Tuesday and it wouldn't kill me... yeah. It didn't happen. SO now I guess I wait to see if it happens NEXT Monday. You crack me up!

Myya said...

First of all no cable... GASP!!!
Your lil punkin is sooooo cute! LOVE that picture where she is all smiles. Oh man is she AhhhhDORABLE!
A lot of times I am the all or nothing gal too... well when it comes to cleanign my house anyways... :)

cbusch said...

Cee is beautiful. Thanks for sharing the info to the Japan blog. Wow is all I have to say. Sure puts things in perspective.

cbusch said...

Cee is beautiful. Thanks for sharing the info to the Japan blog. Wow is all I have to say. Sure puts things in perspective.

Sami said...

Reading this was like reading about myself. I'm telling you, it's eery how alike we are!


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