Repost: La Lament Le Laundry

I have been struggling with the same mountainous pile of laundry for the past three weeks.

No lie.

I thought a little repost, this one in particular, was in order as I spend the day taking this bad mamba jamba down.

Happy Thursday everyone!

P.S. You can find a fresh new post of mine over at MMB today!

The laundry.

It lounges.
It loiters.
It lurks.

In a labyrinth of

The lady of the land,

She is the luckless, laden laundress.

How was she leveled to this


Loyal to the love of the lord and the lodgers,

She launches herself lithely into the laundering livelihood, lugging the leagues from the lobby and the loft.

The landslide of laundry leans under her laudable lather,

But as the load lingers,
she languishes,
lachrymose for liberty...

...or at least a little lounge.

Landlocked by the lapels.

She longs and grows


But, liable to her loved ones,

she leaps off her laurels,
empties the lint trap,
and locates her liveliness again.

Little by little,
the laundry lightens,
laid in lithe loads,
localized in lockers.

The luminous lass is

What the L?!?!


aubrey said...

Hahahaha... "the luckless, laden laundress." That is the funniest thing I have read in a long time! I shudder to think how bad my laundry mountain will be by the time the part to fix the agitator gets here tomorrow and Dad has time to put it in tomorrow evening.

Jodi said...

Maybe you've seen this by Hilary Weeks...it's my favorite song to sing while I'm spending my entire life doing laundry...


You'll have to manually type that in...I guess links don't work in comments...sorry!

If it doesn't work, try googling Hilary Weeks and laundry. Anyhow, it makes me smile!:)

Patty Ann said...

Love it!! Made me laugh, and it is totally hard for laundry to do that to me. I also love the Hilary Weeks song. You will totally have to check that one out!!

MiMi said...

Ha!!! That's a beautiful sight!
So are you making a dent??
This reminds me...I gotta go fold some clothes.

Sarahie said...

I la la love this post! I can totally relate. I've been struggling to catch up for way too long. I think it is someone else's turn to do it. =)

Mamarazzi said...

alliteration at its finest my friend!!

Myya said...

That was brilliant my friend! Ohhh how the laundry war never EVER ends!


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