Dear Hanging by a Silver Lining Blog

It is 9:26 pm.

I have been trying to spend some time with you all day.

You were even on my list of things to do today.

Right below "write missionary brother" and right above "eat healthy".

I got the brother written and I tried to eat healthy and here I am spending a few moments with you.

See. You are important to me.

Even more important than eating healthy?


Let's just say easier to do than eating healthy. (And yes! Chocolate covered strawberries do count as a healthy snack. Hello! Fresh fruit! Smothered in chocolate!)


I just put four little people to bed.


At 9:26 pm.

On a school night.

But I made sure those four little people got kisses, hugs, piano practice, homework, family time, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, chocolate covered strawberries, and lots of love before their sweet little heads ever hit the pillow.

Doing all that all day has me plum worn out.

Sorry poor little neglected blog.

You're going to have to wait until tomorrow. I will put you on my to do list again.

Right above "exercise" and right below "make sure to do all you can to be the best mama and wifey you can today".

A girl has to have some priorities, ya' know?


P.S. This song is my current favorite. It makes me wish I had a really tall building, a really big voice, and some really big chops to sing it at the top of my lungs to the world.


Sami said...

I think I need to write a note like this for my blog too.
Poor neglected old friend that it is...

MiMi said...

What you are doing every day is WAY more important than the neglected blog. :)

Claire said...

That's my current favourite song as well... Linkin Park sure gets better with age!!

Lisa said...

My blog needs the same letter. Maybe you need to write a form letter? :) Something like
Today is -----. Dee is ------. Jeigh is -----. etc. :)

Myya said...

I think you stole the words right outta my mouth.

{leah} said...

You did eat chocolate with me!!! yeah!

Lind Family said...

Love this song too! Take care of that family! They are what matters most!

cindyrella said...

i am impressed with your mad skills level!!

shortmama said...

The blog is still here...take care of that family!


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