The One Where She Loses a Few Followers

I read something this morning that I wanted to share with you, my friends in the blog world. Whether I have met you in person or not, I consider you my friends.

So here it is.

"Wherefore the things which are pleasing unto the world I do not write, but the things which are pleasing unto God and unto those who are not of the world." ***

I can see you clicking the exit button now. Maybe rolling your eyes and thinking, "Oh great! Here she goes getting all churchy on us"?


But I want to tell you something about myself. Something that I haven't exactly kept hidden but that I haven't been very forward about either here on Hanging by A Silver Lining.

I am a Mormon.


There I said it.

I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and this means many things to me.

First and foremost, being a Mormon means that I believe in Christ.

I believe that the Savior died, being crucified on the cross, but rose again to live. Before all that He suffered in the Garden of Gethsemane for the sins of mankind. And you can trust that there was a big old rotten portion of my sins in there. I believe because He did all this that I can be forgiven for all the many things I seem bound and determined to do wrong while I live here on earth. Dang that natural man thing I got going on.

Knowing how easily I screw up makes me forever grateful that someone, an eternal and perfect being no less, would do that for me. Forever grateful, humbled, and in debt.

Because I am a Mormon I choose not to drink alcohol, take drugs, consume tobacco in any form, drink coffee or tea, and as of late I am taking it an extra step and trying to be committed to not drinking Coke and Dr. Pepper either. {whimper}

Because I am a Mormon I made the decision to not have any premarital sex, even with my husband when we were engaged and "practically married". I continue to avoid sexual relations with anyone other than my husband, who I plan to be married to for many years. Like eternity.

Being a Mormon I believe that dancing, singing, listening to loud music, playing rowdy games, watching football, bowling, camping, blogging, swimming, drinking root beer floats, watching Shaytards videos on YouTube, reading novels, eating turkey at Thanksgiving and ham at Christmas are wholesome, fun activities. Ones I often enjoy.

Being a Mormon, I believe the family is eternal IF and only IF we work in this life to live in such a way that we will be worthy to live together in the life hereafter. I believe this, but I confess, this terrifies me. I feel not only a dire responsibility for myself, but for my husband and each of my four children.

Being a Mormon, I knew I wanted to have several children that would not be separated from me even by death. Having LOTS of children is not a commandment, but something I chose to do. Just because I chose to have lots of kids doesn't instantly make me the perfect mom. It's something I have to work at not just daily, but minutely sometimes. Being a Mormon helps me to do that thanks to prayer, repentance, religious instruction and guidance, and support of church community.

Being a Mormon, I believe in the truthfulness and power of a certain book: The Book of Mormon. Although I struggle to find the time and dedication to read and study it daily, I know I should. And I know that when I do, my day just seems to go better; I am happier, I am more patient, kind, and sensitive to spiritual promptings. All good things that help me to be a better mom, wife, friend, and person.

I am a Mormon because I CHOOSE to be a Mormon. I am not a sheep. No one makes me believe in all this. I have had my moments when I have considered scrapping it all and doing whatever the he!! I want. But deep down inside, I KNOW that I have a testimony of this religion. I feel, believe, KNOW it is truth and light and happiness. And that it is right for me.

Being a Mormon doesn't make me perfect. It doesn't put me above anyone else. It doesn't mean I am "saved". It doesn't mean I am not going to screw everything up most days. It doesn't mean I won't say or do or write dumb things. It doesn't save me from cancer or debt or taxes. It doesn't mean I only listen to church music (I actually detest most church music) or don't go to the theater to see the latest movie or avoid chocolate (because I certainly don't).

But being a Mormon does mean something to me. And I wanted you to know that.

***1 Nephi 6:5 (a scripture from The Book of Mormon)


shortmama said...

Well you certainly wouldnt be losing me as a follower.

There should NEVER be any shame in talking about who you are or what you believe in. While our beliefs may not be the same it doesnt mean that each of us shouldnt be celebrated for who we are and what we believe in.

Carrie said...

This is a fantastic testimony!

Impulsive Addict said...

Lots of my blogging friends are Mormons. So what? It's not what I believe and that's ok. If you lose followers for that, then you didn't want them anyway, right?

We can all be different in many ways. Why would religion separate us from liking each other? It shouldn't. Good for you for taking a stand for what you believe in!

Myya said...

Well that's it, I'm outta here!!! I kid, I kid. No in all seriousness I think your faith is beautiful. Although it is not my faith, I so admire the commitment that the Morman faith holds. I don't know a lot about religion, but I understand faith. Do I go to church often no not nearly as much as I should. I have little ones who do not like me to leave them until they are around 3 or so & sitting in a nursery with lots of kids or other moms who want to chat (not that there is anything wrong with that) but when I chat I don't hear the stream of the sermon & hello, that is what I am supposed to be there for. Do I believe in God.. absolutely! I speak to him daily, numerous times a day. This post was beautifully written (as usual) and it holds true to so many of the reasons why I do follow you. Faith is amazing whatever religion one may be, just the knowing that your life is in HIS hands is an awesome thing. I for one will not be hypocritical as to follow you for so long, love the posts that you do, love the chats that we have & then shun you because you speak your truth. Nope, I don't judge & honestly my belief is that no other human should either! Preach on sista, I enjoy your preachy style!!! :)

aubrey said...

Well said Evelyn.

MiMi said...

Well, sheeeeeeeet! I'm outta here.


You know I know you are Mormon. We don't believe in the same things...BUT, we believe in the one thing that is the most important...Jesus is our savior.

I love you. :)

Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

Looks like you're not losing any followers, huh? I love that you said you don't like most church music. I am right there with ya! :)

Lind Family said...

Amen, Evelyn! Thanks for sharing! You better believe I'll still be following ... maybe even stalking. ;-)

Cannwin said...

This is the part where you link yourself to me and my mormon fact v fiction posts. hehehe

Just kidding.

Good job!

Jodi said...

Sounded great - good job!

~Haley~ said...

Lots of blogs I follow are Mormons. You shouldn't lose followers over this, in my opinion. I think it's beautiful the way you just described your religion. I wish more people saw religion the same way. Major props for "coming out" on your blog.


cindyrella said...

great post! feel like i got my reading in today after all :-)

Jodi & Mark Hansen said...

Powerful testimony. I loved reading it!

Sarahie said...

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing and thanks for inspiring.

Mamarazzi said...


you won't lose ME as a follower.

Leah said...

thank you! sometimes I forget that I need to make sure that people know that I am Mormon. You have a beautiful testimony!!!

Sami said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this, Lady! I admit, I don't blog about "church stuff" nearly as much as I feel I should, because I'm worried it would freak people out, but you have inspired me to try harder.
Love you, friend!

{leah} said...

You inspired me to do the same thing. Thank you!


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