A Girl and Her Sippy: A Love Story in Pictures


Myya said...

Little Miss Cee is sooo sweet. Isn't it so funny how attached they get to things.

Aubrey Crookston said...

Love it! How sweet :)

MiMi said...

She's adorable!

Amy said...

So much to say! Firstly, I love you're kitchen carpet! I mean, if you have to have it, might add well be bold about it, right? I am guessing it was there when you moved in, but seriously, I do love it.
Next, that face she pulled made me laugh. What a funny stinker. Kids pull the best faces ever. Seriously. If an adult were to pull the same face it wouldn't be nearly as cute.

Where on earth did you get those jammies? They are gorgeous! I want some for Faye, and some for me. Yes, I would even wear them with the feet.

Your girl is stunning. She gets it from her Mom. And I love how in love she is with her sippy. It is too sweet!


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