Happy Smothers' Day!

This morning I was lovingly greeted by an enthusiastic 5 year old daughter.

"Happy Smothers' Day, Mommy!"

She quickly corrected herself, but I kind of liked it better the first way.

We mothers, we like to smother. We will smother and cuddle and hug and kiss and and nag and worry and adore and cheer and support and loveloveLOVE you from the very first moment we hold you in our arms to our very last dying breath. And it's high time we received some appreciation for the smotherers we are.

So to all you smotherers out there...Happy Smothers' Day! May your day be absolutely overflowing with reciprocated smothering!


Nicole said...

Love the picture, mama! Happy "Smother's" Day to you too. :)

Amy said...

That is one of the best family portraits I have ever seen! And you are absolutely right about smothering. Funny how close that word is to mothering. the insight of a five year old. Priceless.

MiMi said...


Lisa Thomas said...

Hope you had a good one!


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