Happiness is...

...cheese quesadillas for lunch.

...anticipating the first visit from the Tooth Fairy!

...sharing a bowl of watermelon with your best buddy.

...feeling skinny.

...not being too busy to stop and watch the little things.

...a bucket and a baby.

...still thinking its cool to be "twinners" with your Mom/daughter.

...canning jars filled with homemade goodies.


...the "shy one" being the bravest about the pony rides.

...3 year olds in pseudo hot pants and GoGo boots.

...thrift store treasures!

...being grounded from the Wii.


Myya said...

This is a fantastic post! I smiled the entire way through. DANG you are looking amazing. Why can I not have your workout ethic. I soooo want to. I think about it so many times a day & yet I just don;t get moving. Uggghhh!

Lisa Thomas said...

WOW you look awesome!!!! I am SO jealous! And I think you have just re-entered the era of matching your daughter! :) You have such a super cute family. My kids still talk about our visit!

Ryann said...

Um yeah...you are smoking hot girl! Great job on the weight loss.

And because I am food motivated, that watermelon looks so ripe and yummy! Jealous of that too.

Amy said...

I am sitting here trying to figure out how to write the Spanish whoop sound. You are gorgeous! And where did you find pony rides? And I love the gumball machine. And the hot pants/go go boots. Ah heck. I just love your whole post.


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