Happy Celiac Awareness Month!

It's May 1st! You know what that means!

That's right! It's the first day of Celiac Awareness Month!! Woohoo!!

Okay, okay. So I admit I didn't know that either until I saw something on Facebook this morning. But as a mother of a child with Celiac Disease I'm all for jumping on board with an awareness effort. "Celiac Disease" was just something my uncle and his daughter and her daughter had. It was their problem. Too bad if they can't eat what the rest of us are pigging out on at the family reunion. It doesn't affect me.

But in the fall of last year, it became my problem too when my little 3 year old Elle was diagnosed. It's genetic, ya' know? There is suspicion that my grandmother, who died very young, may have had it as well.

Celiac Disease rocked my world. And it wasn't even me that had been diagnosed (although I and all my other children of age have been tested). Over the past several months I have had to embrace all new ways of approaching food. We have had to replace many ingredients in our pantry and diet. I'm learning new ways to plan and prepare meals. I am vigilantly trying to prevent cross-contamination. I am trying new products and foods.

This life style isn't easy. It isn't cheap. But it is doable. Whatever I can do to keep my little one safe, happy, healthy, and well-fed...I will do it.

Now, as for the rest of you...

Not to be a dooms day sayer but with increasing Celiac awareness there is also increasing diagnosis. This is no longer such an uncommon disease. If you or your loved ones have been experiencing any of the symptoms of Celiac Disease, you might want to get tested. A simple screening blood test can be performed in your doctor's office. Of course the hope is that the tests come back negative, but if they don't...there is a wonderful community of helpful people out there in the world, ready to help you along on this life-changing journey. (Thank goodness for Google!)

During the month of May, try a new gluten-free food. Get tested for CD if you are concerned at all. Learn a few things about the disease. Hug someone who has Celiac. Be understanding when a parent of a child with Celiac or any kind of food issue needs to vent a bit about how rough it is. Go gluten free for a week. Or a day. It's all in the name of awareness, my friends!

Again, Happy Celiac Awareness Month from a mom who is learning to be happy about going gluten free!

And check back later (tomorrow maybe?) if you want to hear more about our Celiac Disease story.

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Debra said...

You are pretty much my hero. I thought keeping all eggs of my child's diet was hard work. You are amazing!


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