I Have Cute Kids

(Dee, Jeigh, cousin, Elle)

How "cute" you ask?

Or maybe you didn't ask, but lucky you, I'm going to tell you anyway.

Did you take a gander up at my blog header??? That's pretty darn tootin' cute, wouldn't you agree? It makes me smile so big that I can hardly see that all my little clouds are filled now. (A big thank you to my sister Erin for adding Cee!)

My heart is full.

Almost as full as my king-sized bed every morning.

(Tell me again why we even bought beds for the kids?)

Cee is two and a half months old now. She makes me drool. Like physically drool when I look at her gorgeous sparkling blue eyes peeking out from rows of dark thick eyelashes.

I blame her dad for those beautiful long lashes. And the receding hair line.

Tell me...Is it strange that I drool over her?

Not only that but also that I have to fight the urge to nibble on her a bit? I want to literally chomp down on her chubby cheeks and thighs.

All I can figure is this must be some urge leftover from my cave woman roots. That or someone ought to call CPS.

I find myself constantly emotional watching this little girl grow up right before my eyes. My newborn is rapidly disappearing and I can't seem to soak her in quick enough.

Pictures do no justice. A flat two dimensional piece of paper will never remind me how delicious she smells or how sweet the sounds of her coos are to my ears. I am bound to forget how funny her face is with shock when her fist flies up and pops her smack dab in between the eyes. She is already getting too long to perch on my shoulder in a little curled up ball of heavy and warm comfort anymore.


A newborn growing up is such a mixed bag of emotions. Sad to watch the sweet and brand-new go, but thrilled to see the growth and progression come.

We mommies are never quite content with the present.


I do have three other kids too. They seem to share Cee's total disregard for my commands to stop growing up so fast too.

The very day I verbalized this to Dee, we discovered he had his first loose tooth. How exciting and sad, all in the same moment. (By the way, what's the going rate for the Tooth Fairy these days?)

We just enrolled Dee in piano a couple of weeks ago. I already mentioned how discouraging the first practice was, but after the promise of a lunch out with Mommy he rallied his best efforts together and gave his first week of piano practice a first rate go. The lunch date was delivered and he seems to be sold on piano practice now.

I keep waiting for him to realize he could probably weasel more lunch dates out of me if he complained about practicing again, but so far so good. He really is such a good boy who tries so hard to please. I love my little son.

Dee and Jeigh both are getting ready to start their first season of soccer.

That's right! I'm officially a soccer mom! Oh boy.

The other day I walked into a room where the kids were all playing.

Dee: Mom! Jeigh told me a lie!

Me: She did? About what?

Dee: She said there was a chicken in the road. I looked. There's no chicken in the road.

Jeigh: I was telling a joke!

See? Cute!

Oh and Elle?

I didn't forget about her.

Just about everything that comes out of that girl's mouth makes us laugh.

"You straight trippin' Mama!" is Joe's personal favorite.

Mine has to be "I love you, Mama!" usually accompanied by a tender little hug and a very juicy kiss.

So cute, I could cry.

My Little...Pirate? Nothing says scurvy dog pirate like a cute little pink haired pony.


{leah} said...

I wish the would stop growing too! I swear they all look bigger every time the wake up.

And I too have the urge to nibble baby thighs and toes.... and cheeks and fingers.


Jodi said...

You're right - you do have cute kids! They are lucky to have such a great mom too!

Our toothfairy's going rate is a quarter, maybe that's cheap but she also throws in a small pack of sugar free gum and she has been such a big hit our kids work very hard at getting out their loose teeth!

Myya said...

I love this post, such sweetness surrounding your little ones, they really are all sorts of cute!!! Ohhh & I am the same way, I litterally want to chomp on my nieces cheeks too, I actually do shhhh don't tell her mama. :) My littles are growing much to quickly too. I sooo want another wee one so that I can have some more baby time. Sigh. Keep these posts a-comin, I loooove me some adorable kiddos.

Oh & "You straight tripping Mama"... that is awesome!

Creating Sarah said...

Ah, I so know what you mean about them growing up too quickly! I was thinking the same thing about my girls the other day. It's so hard and yet so rewarding to watch them grow.

By the way, we still need to get Owyn and Elle together to play. They could teach each other so many great things! (Right now, everything is "a-maz-ing" to Owyn!) If only I lived closer. =)

Jeigh said...

"You straight trippin, mama?" Holy cuteness overload. Yes, I'll say it every time I see the pictures, your babies make me so flipping baby hungry! I also love munching baby cheeks.

The Tooth Fairy pays my kids a quarter, too. It may be low, but you know, kids lose a lot of teeth.

Lisa said...

How adorable are your kids!!! Seriously! And you are awesome for having Dee in piano and both kids in soccer! :) What a cute family you have!

Impulsive Addict said...

Ahhh...and my heart just melted! LOVIN' the pics and the new header!

MiMi said...

Your kids are definitely drool worthy!!! Gorgeous.
And you're not weird for drooling..you're weird if you don't wipe it off.
Now you need to add another cloud...hehehe.

Patty Ann said...

Totally way too cute! Love it.

Myya said...

I forgot to say that I LOOOVE Cee in the new header. I've been asking for a while & when I saw her I was soooo happy she was added. YAY!!!

Sami said...

Well, if you don't drool over her, then it's even more odd that I do! Drool forth, I say...
And also, I hope that Cee is still in the "I don't mind being held" phase when she gets here, because I'll be seriously sad if she's not. I'll try not to nibble too, but no promises!


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