A Monday Happy List

Why is that Mondays get such a bad wrap? They can't help that they have to follow up the weekend. This Monday has been pretty kind to me and mine in our neck of the woods. This is what I am happy about today:

:) Kissing and loving on my new little nephew over the weekend. There is just a small piece of heaven that comes tagging along with a newborn. It is wonderful! Thanks for sharing him with us, Camille and Tyler! We kind of like him.

:) Three kids that slept most of the four and a half hour drive home last night, giving Joe and me a chance to catch up on our "spousal communication". It was almost as good as a date night!

:) Fall decided to show up today! What a lovely, gray, murky, rainy day. Soup and bread are in order! Now if I could only learn how to make a decent homemade cheese soup...

:) Waking up this morning to a sleeping toddler head tucked firmly into my arm pit.

:) What great teachers Dee and Jeigh have! I'm not too fond of the house we have, but I sure am glad it is in the school district it is.

:) Being busy all morning. We got a late start and it was a little hectic, but it is always good to be busy doing good things.

:) Sipping on a mug of hot chocolate.

:) Thinking about new prospects and trailer-free days.

:) Remembering it's officially candy corn season! (And trying to figure out a project for Sami's October Symfully Sweet Saturday. Any bright ideas??)

:) A lunch of tuna fish sandwich (cut in triangles of course), chips, and a big fat dill pickle. YUM!

:) Hearing Elle's vocabulary exploding. I love all the little unprovoked "Thank you, Mommy"s and other new phrases!

:) Watching Dee and Jeigh cuddled up on the couch "reading" a book together, but doing more giggling than actual reading.

:) Thinking about this blogger's great idea: Queen for the Day? Awesome! I know a few ladies who totally deserve this.

:) Knowing my husband is going to be super happy when he walks in the door tonight to the smell and sight of Monkey Bread.

Want the recipe?

Monkey Bread

2 cups very warm water
1/2 cup sugar
1 TBSP salt
1 TBSP yeast
3 cups flour
2 beaten eggs
3 more cups flour
4 TBSP oil
1 cube margarine

Mix warm water, sugar, salt, and yeast and let set until bubbly, then add eggs and 3 cups flour. Stir; do not beat. Add oil and 3 more cups flour. Stir again. It will be sticky. Cover and let rise until double. (I have just recently figured out that putting my pans in a warm place AND waiting an adequate amount of time makes a world of difference!). Roll out on floured surface. Cut in circles (I use one of my kitchen glasses to do this). Melt one cube margarine and pour into two Bundt pans. Stand circles up in Bundt pans (see picture below).

Let dough rise to top of pan (it may not reach top and that's okay). Bake both pans together at 350 degrees for 20-30 minutes or until golden brown on top. Turn upside-down on a plate to serve. (Recipe from my great-grandmother Jennie Champneys and aunt Jane Miles)

P.S. I have no idea why it's called Monkey Bread. All I know is it's delicious! That and kids, husbands, and missionaries scarf it down.

What is making you smile today???



Katy said...

When I was little, my brother and I would call monkey bread - MONKEY BRAINS!!! I guess it had something to do with a thousand little pull apart pieces all put together in a rather brain-like presentation. Although I am finding that in the Mormon bubble, the monkey brains are organized quite lovely - just as you demonstrated in the photography of your sweet bread wonder. Yum!

P.S. athriftymom.com posted an orange bread recipe using Pillsbury biscuts. Might be a fun short cut when you're not feeling so domestic-goddessy.

MiMi said...

Geez, your list makes me happy too! I want some Monkey Bread!!

Jodi said...

My family does something similar but my mom called it cinnamon pull aparts and we have it every conference weekend. We use frozen rhodes rolls, butter, vanilla pudding mix -the cook kind, brown sugar and cinnamon. Yours looks yummy too!

I actually usually enjoy Mondays, they for some reason are my most productive day of the week. Yay for happy Mondays!

Patty Ann said...

Ok, I am definately trying this out. I love rhodes rolls too and we use butterscotch pudding in ours and call it monkey rolls. I think the kids would love this and so would my husband! Thanks for sharing!

Lisa said...

Yumyumyum!!! And I have an idea for Sami's contest... but I'm not telling! Although you can tell her you referred me - I'm doing it cause of you!

Parry's :) said...

Thanks for sharing this recipe, I so need to try it!!! I have the yummiest cheesy broccoli soup recipe I'll share with you! I just need to find it first, it is so yummy though!!! I'll send it to you asap!!! :)

shortmama said...

We had a lovely rainy day today too! It was awesome!

Mamarazzi said...

mmmm monkey bread....

love your happy list...i can just imagine the cuteness of kids snuggled up reading together...awww.

i am not gonna miss out on Sami's Symfully Sweet game this time, and candy corn...mmmmm.

thanks for the shout out...when are you going to fill out the form so you can having your crowning day!

Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

Making me happy - the arrival of fall! I'm with ya on that one! I also got to visit with my mom in law and sis in law today and it was great! Weird, huh?


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