Pretty Darn Precious Potty Training Post

We are in the midst of potty training at our house this week.

Don't worry! I won't be posting any "specimens" today. Looks like I am a little stuck on a tangent though, don't you think? Sorry about that. I'll try to up my classiness in the next several posts.

Anyway! Potty training. Don't you just loathe abhor fear love potty training? Me too. I would much rather go through labor and delivery again than potty train. At least that pain has an end, usually under 24 hours, and there are drugs available if it gets to be too much. There are no drugs for potty training. Heaven helps us.

Really I can't complain too much. Elle is training like a champ. Can you hear "Eye of the Tiger" playing in the background too? She may be the easiest yet, so I will count my blessings and pray that the yellow tide does not turn on us, as potty training so often does.

In relation to potty training, I was looking back through my Face book memories the other day and found this little gem.

This is Elle's big sister Jeigh at the very same age doing the very same thing, potty training, just two short years ago, even the very same time of year. Daddy Joe was entertaining her in attempt to keep her on the potty. This is the resulting memory. We like to call it Jeigh's Snowman of God Potty Song.

(Normally I don't condone posting pictures or videos of my children in "compromising" situations, but this is just too cute not to share and short of seeing the toilet behind her, nobody would know what she is doing besides singing her cute little two year old heart out).



Jodi said...

In true potty training lingo - BUMMER! - I can't view the video as I'm not a Facebooker! I'm sure it's darling! Jonah tells me when he needs a change but I'm dragging my feet...maybe I should follow your example...or maybe I will just keep dragging my feet...:)

Lisa said...

She's still so super cute! I love this song! :) Good luck potty training! If you discover any secrets - let me know!

Patty Ann said...

The only advice I have is to remember that this too shall pass. It always does. So glad that I do not have to do that again!!

Sami said...

How cute is that video?! I love it! I especially like it when she interrupts Joe's singing.
Good luck with your potty training, girl! Boo is right in the thick of it too, and I think this time just might kill me...

MiMi said...

You are right, you HAD to post that! That's adorable!!!

Sarahie said...

oh, I love this! I am trying to prepare myself for the joys of potty training. Secretly, I am scared to death of it. I have no clue what I am doing! I'm sure I'll figure it out. I think I'll try teaching her this song!

shortmama said...

I cannot get my 2 yr old (almost 3) potty trained and it is so frustrating! Stubborn kiddo!

Mamarazzi said...

oh my goodness this is adorable. i had to stop and watch it again because my puppy came running over the first time and was mesmerized and i HAD to get video of it.

because apparently i have become some sort of weird pathetic pet owner who takes cute videos of her dog.

bizarre, watching your own life and wondering what happened to you.

ANYWAY...this is darling! i love when she puts her hand up to stop your hubz... way stinkin' cute!

Rochelle and Jonathan Cardell said...

That video is going to come in VERY handy on her 21st birthday!!

Myya said...

LOVE the hand up no no nooo she does to your hubby. She is TOOO CUTE! Isn't it fun to have a little ammo for the teen years. Oh hey while you are at it, you mind if I send mine your way for potty training too... you know since you love it so much! :)


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