"How Do You Replace a Mother?"

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Do you remember when I mentioned not too long ago that Joe's cousin's wife passed away very unexpectedly?

An autopsy was done and even though all the test results are back, there is no obvious reason why a perfectly healthy, happy 31 year old mother of two would pass away so suddenly.

I hardly knew Zoe, but I sure can't stop thinking about her and even more about the little ones and husband she left behind. I have so many thoughts and emotions circling around this brain of mine, but Joe's cousin, Lori Conger said it better than I ever could on her blog today.

Can I just direct you over THERE today?

I hope you take the time to read it. It's not just about the tragic loss of this woman, but how invaluable each and every mother is. Beautifully written. Thank you, Lori.


JPK said...

You sure know how to pull on a girl's heart strings! First the Sullenger's and now this..... But I'm thankful for the feelings and reflections those posts have left me.

MiMi said...

That was amazing. :( I'm so sorry for your loss and those poor babies.

Lisa said...

Thanks Evelyn. It's nice to be reminded that we truly are so important to our children. Lori put it wonderfully - mothers cannot be replaced. And that includes me and you. :)

Patty Ann said...

What a beautiful post. It is important for each of us to remember. It is so hard on the family! My heart and prayers are with them.

Jodi said...

My heart goes out to this family! With all of my many failures, I still wouldn't want my kids to have to face life without their momma! I will be sure to keep you all in my prayers.

Mamarazzi said...

very sad...i don't even know what t say.

shortmama said...

Heart wrenching. Makes me want to hug my girls a little tigther

Debra said...

What a heartbreaking thing to hear. My prayers are with the family.


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