The Name Game

Today Jeigh asked me if we could name the baby "Hiccup".

I like it.

Any other suggestions if the baby comes out not looking so much like a "Hiccup"?

Before you so willingly offer up your best baby names, here are the stipulations:

1. We need a name of the female persuasion as we are fairly certain she will appreciate not being named something like "Gordon" or "Hogan" when she starts high school.

2. A name that fits in with her siblings would be most...fitting. In case you were wondering "Dee", "Jeigh", and "Elle", and even "Joe" are simply code names I use to stave off perverts and weirdos. For the sake of finding the perfect name for number four, I am going to hope those kinds of people aren't reading this today and reveal my children's true names.

"Dee" is Deacon
"Jeigh" is Eliza Jane
"Elle" is Lydia

See how my code names are a phonetic play on their initials? I know, I know. My cleverness astounds even me.

So, we have good, old-fashioned, religious, southern, pioneer stock like names around these parts. And we'd like to keep it that way.

3. I am not fond of popular names. I want to avoid my child becoming Emma P. so as not to be confused with Emma T. The farther down the list of the Top 100 Most Popular names it is, the better. On the other hand, I am not fond of "weird", far-out names either. Picky, picky. But I am sure there is a nice middle ground around there somewhere.

4. This baby will have two older sisters whose names end in "a". It could be fun to stick with that, but certainly not necessary. Those two sisters also both have "l" sounds at the beginning of their names as we often call Eliza, "Liza". These similar name sounds make for lots of tongue-twisting trouble when we start calling for our children.

Bottom line: Names ending in "a" = good. Names starting with "l" sounds = not good.

5. Before we settle on anything, you can count on me looking up the name meaning. I have a thing for name meanings. I love knowing that my name means "the mother of all living". Fancy, no? My husband kind of got the bum-end of the deal where his name means "hills of clay". Poor guy. But don't feel too bad for him; he doesn't seem to lose any sleep over it.

So, there are my stipulations for our baby girl's name. Think I am making this far too complicated?

Maybe we should just go with "Hiccup".


Jodi said...

I'm sorry I can't help you but I'm not very good at this sort of thing. I'm sure whatever you pick will fit perfectly! Have fun and good luck!

Erin said...

I've always really liked the name Molly (but it doesn't end in an "a.", so...)
I also have always really liked K names for girls: Kylie, Kasey, Karlie.
oh, and I've always liked Emily, too.
None of these names jive with my family or my kids' names, so feel free to use them if they suit your fancy! Good luck!

Wonder Woman said...

I was exactly the same way. Something cute, not popular, not weird. Right syllables/sounds.

I think I've told you this, but I LOVE your kids' names. I really wanted to name aubrey "Eliza" but couldn't get husband on board. :o(

Hmm. I will think on this.

Patty Ann said...

Well, I love the old pioneer names too. I have an Emily, Amy, Lori, Kayla, Anya and Miracle. Personally, I wanted to name one of the girls Thankful (after Parley P Pratt's wife) but my husband vetoed that, so I had a Miracle instead :-) Seriously, you will know the right name for you when you hear it. I also love the online directories that are available now. You can put in the meanings and browse that way if you want to. I always look at the meanings of the names. It is important to me. I am sure you will find the perfect name for you!!

Rochelle and Jonathan Cardell said...

If you weren't living on the wrong continent (ie you should move over here to Australia!!), Matilda would fit the criteria perfectly.

Cannwin said...

Did I mention Madeline to you? I love that name

Lind Family said...

You mentioned on Facebook that you liked the "old lady names." I googled that and found this
Maybe you can review and find something.

Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

I was going to say that I love the name Evelyn, but then I remembered. That would be your name.


I never got to pick a girl name, and I had tons of good ones on the list, "just in case", but I can't remember them!

Good luck! I'm sure you'll find the perfect name!

Lisa said...

I love the name Clara. Other than that, all the names I have chosen in the past have been forgotten by my baby brain. :) Good luck!

MiMi said...

Hiccup! Haha! That's the boys name in How to train your dragon. Or did you say that and I'm spacing it off. I'm confused.
Anyway. I'm still with Katelyn. :)

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

If it makes you feel any better, Joseph told me he wants to name our newest addition Pasta. Or Hearts.

But if you feel so inclined to use either of them, I promise not to fight you for them. :D

Heather said...

Savannah!! Southern, traditional, pioneer, ends in 'a', not too popular, not too weird. . .perfect! :-) Good luck! You could also consider "Sariah" or "Sarah" if you really want the Biblical angle too.

Sarahie said...

Sarah is definitely a beautiful name, and I would absolute give my consent in using it, but, speaking from experience, she would forever be known as Sarah P.

I really like the name Daisy. I don't know if I'll ever get to use that one.

P.S. I love knowing what my kids' names mean too: "Little warrior" and "Purity and innocence." Seems fitting.

Katy said...


Myya said...

I love your kids names, you know that though I've told you before. I'm sure that your new one will have a perfect one as well. Most of my names wouldn't fit your family, but a few I love that might are: Adaline (call her addie) Etta or Ava. :)

Carli W. said...

I have lots of ideas because there's lots of girl in our family! Two names that I'm hopeful to use in our family...and would be totally OK with you having too are Melody and Laurel. They're a little old and remind me of peaceful, pretty things. Hanna might work for you. Brooklyn's a cute name, too.

Lind Family said...

Just so you know, we changed our blog address to jklind.blogspot.com
You may want to change your link or bookmark if you have one.

shortmama said...

I gave ya a giant list on FB so pick one of those so I can take credit!

Wonder Woman said...

Amelia means to strive or excel. I like Malia/Meleah.

alright. 20 minutes later I've searched baby names sights and found nothing I like that fits. maybe another day. :o)

Katy B. said...

I like agnus. :):):)

Sami said...

I got nothing. Hiccup it is!

Terésa said...

I'm a little slow catching up, but I LoVe Ava. I love the way " Belle and Ava" sound together, but I don't think we will ever use it because we wanted to use Jarrods mom's (who passed away) name as our next girls middle name. So if we named her Ava... And then her middle name would be Salynn... Her initials would be A.S.S. So we aren't going with that.


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