Pop Culture, Fashion, Parenting, and Aging According to Preschoolers

Yesterday morning I noticed a nasty little scratch on four year old Jeigh's forehead. When I questioned her on how she did it, with a sigh, she wistfully said, "I don't know, but it sure looks like Harry Potter, huh?"

... ... ...

Two Dollar Super Hero

The best two dollars I ever spent was on my recent thrift store adventure on a simple dark grey T-shirt emblazoned with the bright yellow and black Batman logo. Not really a fan of Caped Crusader wear myself, I bought it for my five year old Dee who immediately fell in love. Who knew what magical powers two dollars could conjure up for one five year old boy? The first day he wore it to school, this was his report on how his day had gone:

(With MUCH enthusiasm) "I showed all my buddies my Batman shirt!! They LOVED it! But my feet got tired from having to show so many people, so I didn't show everybody."

... ... ...

Pop it Like it's Hot

Dee is trying to convince his dad and me that this is the "cool way" to wear your collared shirts.

Dee: Hey Mom! Look at me! I'm an umpire!

Me: You mean 'vampire'?

Dee: Yea! I'm cool.

... ... ...

Hair Peace

Jeigh is learning to fix her own hair. She informed me that this is "Beautiful!"

Apparently middle-aged men aren't the only ones who dig the comb-over.

... ... ...

What Stay-at-Home Moms Really Do

I was sitting at the dinner table with my three children while we dived into the spaghetti and homemade bread sticks I had just spent the last half hour or so slaving over. (Okay. Well maybe not slaving, but it certainly was more involved and invested in than running out to McDonald's and dishing out Happy Meals to my little brood.)

Joe being the working dad he is was at (where else?) work. The kids had particularly noticed his absence at the dinner table and began to make some assumptions about his whereabouts and how the world works in general.

Dee: Daddies work. All daddies work a lot.

Jeigh: Yea. Daddies are always gone at work. They work hard.

Me (just out of curiosity): Oh yeah? So what do mommies do?

Jeigh: They don’t work. They never work.

Dee (laughing): Yeah. They just love to eat!

Thanks Dee. Thanks a lot.

... ... ...

Caution: Men at Breakfast

Who knew breakfast could be so hazardous?

... ... ...

Age is Just a Hair Color

Dee: Hey Mom? Me and Jeigh are young, aren't we?

Me: Yep, you are.

Dee: Mom are you young?

Me: Nope. I'm old.

Dee: No, you're not. You don't have white hair.

Me: Dee, you don't have to have white hair to be old.

Dee: Well, okay, then you're not super old...Yet.


Katy said...

You used an actual first name in the last paragraph of your post. Just wanted to give you and your superheros a heads up. Love ya!

Evelyn @ Hanging by a Silver Lining said...

Thanks Katy!! I always worry I am going to do that. Then the pervs out there would know my kids names and my readers would be absolutely confused. Fixed it! Thanks again.

Katy said...

You're welcome, dearie!

Sami said...

I love Jeigh's hair!!! I totally used to do the same thing. Not even kidding.

Terésa said...

I've seen the side ponytail. It's totally coming back!! You have a trend setter on your hands! Your kids are such cuties!!

Jodi said...

Kids say the cutest things! Thanks for sharing!

MiMi said...

Oh. NICE. LOL Kids are so funny!
BTW, you have to tell me how you pronounce Jeigh.

Lisa said...

Your kiddos are so cute! I LOVE the stories!

Myya said...

I think things that kids say are some of my absolute favorite things to read. They are just so darn funny. Don't you just hate, errr I mean love when they tell you things like you eat to much. Mine told me the other day that my belly was fat. Thanks little girl, you know why, because Mommy had 3 little girls in there back to back to back (I didn't include that now mommy is lazy & never works out or eats right) LOL

Jeigh said...

Ah, nothing makes you humble like a kid, eh? Jett asks me frequently if I have a baby in my tummy, and I explained that its just stretched out from having babies before, and he said, "Oh, I just wondered because it pokes out like that." So sweet.

Cannwin said...

My 7 year old wears his collars like that too! Even his suit coat has to be pulled straight up. I don't know where they get it, but it bugs the death out of me.

shortmama said...

Sounds like my house! My kids are always saying the most off the wall things!

Parry's :) said...

haha I love what kids have to say!!! My little girl use to say that Mommies were good at watching tv and movies, that was my job! LOL
Love the hair thing too! My daughter is always trying to have her hair in her face the way Ariel does. She wants the "mermaid look". lol

Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

Love these! My favorite is the shirt collar. I keep trying to fix my son's because he doesn't realize he's got one side up and one side down, pretty much all the time. Fashion fads drive me nuts.


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