"Tis a gift to be simple..."

...'tis a gift to be free." (Shaker song lyrics)

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Our internet service has been down and out for the past three days. At first I was rather put out by its absence.

How am I supposed to get my writing work done? How do I keep an ever-watchful eye on my dwindling bank account? How do I stay up-to-date on all my favorite blogs and videos and gossip and news?

What caught me very much by surprise was all the free time I suddenly had. And how simple and focused and productive I became.

I transformed my scary hole of an office into a crafting and food storage sanctuary.
I took my girls on a long trip to the library.
I stayed triumphantly on top of my housework.
I baked cookies.
I planned out a few projects.
I shut off my auto-pilot mommy and focused in visually and mentally on my children's faces instead of the computer screen.

I laid on my bed for an entire hour with nothing to do but stare out the window and think. I can't remember how long it has been since I have done that. It was absolutely refreshing.

What surprised me even more was how much more calm and at peace and satisfied I felt.

Sadly, the internet service started working again today.

As soon as I realized it was on again, a cold and clutching and claustrophobic sense of chaos and panic and much-too-much took grip.

As convenient and wonderful as the internet and technology can be...I think I would just like to shut down my laptop, hide it away in a deep dark closet, and pretend it doesn't exist for a little while longer.

Life is so much simpler and more satisfying without having the world at your fingertips every waking second.

Besides, it is snowing today. Big fluffy snowflakes of pure cold deliciousness. That is something my little family hasn't seen from the warmth of their own home in two long years of Arizona living.

I think today I am much too busy to go surfing or browsing or networking.

I have my hands full with gazing out my window at the winter wonderland that is falling into place while sipping on hot chocolate and talking AND listening to my children.

And that makes me very very happy.


Patty Ann said...

I think it is fine to spend time on other things. I like the idea of not needing to publish every day, of not having deadlines that keep me so busy I cannot think of anything else. I was reading somewhere of someone who always took every weekend off, and someone else who only writes on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I think I may have to work at a different kind of "regular" schedule myself soon. I know those feelings you talk about way too well!

Wonder Woman said...

I have felt similarly at times. My computer is ALL THE WAY DOWNSTAIRS now and I generally have to make a special effort to get on. It's nice, and I do accomplish a lot more.

Enjoy the snow!

Katy B. said...

We've been having internet issues recently too. But what is so great about being human is the freedom we receive from having a little self control is what we do/don't do, write/don't write, say/don't say, go online/don't go online, etc.

Thank you for reminding me of this. :)

Katy B. said...
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MiMi said...

I was so excited earlier when I shut the laptop down and just focused on building a puzzle with the little one.

shortmama said...

Thats been the awesomeness that homeschooling has brought me...time away from the computer and being with my girls!

iamwoman said...

I totally need a detox. It is SO hard because I have all the access I need at work--and work has been super slow so hello let's blog all day! I need a break to re-evaluate for sure.

Jodi said...

I get a headache if I spend very long on the computer which has been a blessing for the very same reasons you're describing. I'm happy you're finding satisfaction in the simple things of life! I also hope you continue to enjoy blogging as you are a much loved blogger!:)

Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...


Lisa said...

Such amazing insight. I always use the excuse that, with no one around to be with, I need my computer. But I have cut back and rarely get online while my kids are awake or hubby is home. It's great that I don't feel tied to the computer. but I still feel I need to cut back. Hmm. More thoughts on that another day! :)

Myya said...

How true is that! I find myself feeling a pull toward the computer when I just don't need to be on it. When my sister was in the hospital & I had her girls as well as mine (5 in all) I didn't spend much time online & found myself feeling the same way you just described. Life of course went back to routine & I find myself online again too much sigh.

Sami said...

I must say that I loved my weekend away mainly because I had every excuse NOT to be around technology. I didn't get on a computer once, and I only updated my Facebook status from my phone one time. I couldn't help it. A drunk guy sqeezed my neck!


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