Chartreuse* Chile Chicken Chimichangas

*(chartreuse: green)

These days I cannot seem to get enough of spicy food during pregnancy, especially spicy Mexican food. Even as I am typing these words my mouth is literally watering for some salsa and chips from a local Mexican restaurant. I would make a run over there right now, jammies and all, but I can’t show my face at that particular restaurant for another few days.

I have already been there twice this week. I don’t know how I feel about being on a first name basis with my spicy food suppliers.

Thanks to heartburn during pregnancy I can’t get too crazy with the spicy food. Eating something too spicy automatically signs me up for a night of suffering and remorse. So I play it safe. No jalapenos or habaneros for this girl, but bring on the salsa and chicken fajitas! I think I could eat both five days a week.

What about the other two days a week?

Well, no sense in getting carried away now is there?

So, what is a girl to do for those two nights she isn’t hovering around the entrance to her local Mexican restaurant?

Make green ( or chartreuse...isn't that fun word?) chili chicken chimichangas at home of course!

Shall I share my little pregnancy food cravings recipe with you? Claro que si!

Green Chile Chicken Chimichangas
(Thanks to Cathy Roberts for the recipe!)

1. Place 4 frozen chicken breasts in a pot and cover with water. Place on stove and heat to boiling. Cover with lid and turn down heat to a simmer. Cook until chicken breasts are cooked through.

2. Pour water off chicken. Trim chicken (I cannot stand finding “mystery objects” in my meat so I trim every bit of cartilage, fat, and ick that I see). Shred chicken well, leaving it in the same pot it was cooked in; no need to dirty more dishes than necessary.

3. Pour one can of green chile enchilada sauce into shredded chicken and stir. Place on low heat to warm through.

4. Heat up one can of refried beans in a non-stick skillet.

5. Heat oil in a fryer to 350 degrees F. I love my Fry Daddy, probably more than I should admit! It contains the mess and the smell of burnt oil. But if you don’t have one, you can just heat up some oil in a skillet.

6. Construct chimichangas by using large flour tortillas. Smear a thin layer of refried beans in middle. Sprinkle generously with shredded cheddar cheese. Spread chicken chile mixture on top of cheese layer.

7. Tuck and wrap tortilla tightly and securely. I usually use toothpicks to secure the tortilla flap.

8. Place chimi in hot oil and rotate often allowing it to fry up evenly. Usually about 3 minutes.

9. Place chimi on plate with paper towels to drain and cool.

10. Enjoy with sour cream, salsa, hot sauce, or guacamole! Delicioso!

Obviously this recipe can be changed to your tastes and preferences. You could make up some rice and add that. You could leave off the beans. You could use black beans instead of refried. Whatever pleases your particular palate!

Got an awesome variation? Do share! Maybe I could cut my Mexican restaurant stalking/habit back another night.


MiMi said...

Can I come to your place for dinner?

Mamarazzi said...

Uh...YUM! i have never deep fried anything, i am too scared, but these look awesome!!

Lind Family said...

Looks yummy!

Jeigh said...

Wow. That makes me want to get pregnant so I can eat those every night.

Myya said...

Dang I wish I would have read this post sooner. I would have tried to hop a plane & make it to your house for dinner. Those look so YUMMY!!!

Jodi said...

I love the picture of your little one in the toilet - hilarious! The dinner looks yummy, I'll have to try it!

Sami said...

That looks SO good! I especially love that you called them chartreuse...that made me laugh.
You always make me laugh!

If I lived closer, I would totally get you Mexican food, and bring it to you, so you could have your fix without having to risk incrimination. What can I say? I'm an enabler...

shortmama said...

Yum! I love enchiladas and that looks so good right now


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