For We Need a Little Christmas Right This Very Minute!


I have been trying to post all day, but this no good, rotten, crummy day did its very best to sweep me away in all its chaos and calamity.

And do you know what I need? (besides a partnership in the local Ford Dealership since I've paid enough in car repairs now to be a co-owner.)

In the words of Lucille Ball in Mame, I need a little Christmas! Right this very minute!

Can you believe the Christmas season is upon us? Isn't it wonderful? There are Christmas carols playing on my radio station already. Walmart has a whole aisle dedicated to red, green, and white garbed goodies. I can already see the twinkle of anticipation and enchantment shining in my children's eyes. There are even a few gifts taking refuge in little secret hiding spots around my house. {rubs hands together} This is going to be good!

But, does the seasonal magic and gift-giving have to be all about the kids? No way! How about a little Christmas goodness for Mommy? And why not in the form of some bloggy bliss?

Anyone up for a swap?? Did I just write the "s" word? I DID!! And not just any little swap... A two-part holiday swap!

Sami over at Symmetry in Motion and I are working together to bring you our first swap and since you have twice the hosts, why not twice the swaps on top of twice the fun?

Part one is a bit of a swap warm-up, hosted by me here at Hanging by a Silver Lining: an ornament swap! Part two will be a little more involved and hosted by Sami over at Symmetry in Motion. I'll let her dish the details over there when the time comes, but as for part one, here's the idea:

*You can choose to participate in one or both swaps.

*When you opt in to the ornament swap, you are agreeing to swap ONE ornament with ONE person. If all works as it should, you will be receiving an ornament from the very same person you are sending an ornament to.

*Once you sign up, make sure to blog about the swap on your own blog and spread the good news. Just make sure to link back to this post so others can get the details.

*Your ornament can be handmade, store bought, made with love, hand picked with humor, simple, elegant, fragile, kid-proof, edible, inexpensive, priceless, whatever! Just have fun with it and send an ornament that represents a little bit of you!

*You have from today through this week until midnight on Friday, November 12th, 2010 to sign up for this swap. Sign up by leaving a comment on this post or sending me (Evelyn) an email at
hangingsilver@gmail.com. Make sure to include your name, address, and email address so we can give it to your swap partner.

*Sami and I will match up swap partners after November 12th and contact you by email shortly after with your swap partner's name, blog site, and address.

*You will need to prepare to have your ornament purchased or made, packaged, and ready to mail by Saturday, November 20th.

*Does it even need to be said? If you sign up, you follow through. Get it? Got it! Good!!

*Make sure to have fun! Swapping can add a whole new level of personality and richness to blogging. It is a great way to increase your blog following and to make a long-distance friend. In fact, Sami and I "met" because of a swap. We were swap partners for
Mamarazzi's Red White and Blue Swap and the rest is history! I now consider Sami to be one of my dearest friends! Now if that isn't a proving point for the goodness of swapping I don't know what is!

*Can it get any better? Oh yes, it can! Here's a little bonus swap fun! Sami and I will be giving out a few prizes for the top three "best" ornaments. It could be the most original ornament or the most thoughtful ornament or maybe the funniest ornament. And you thought swapping couldn't be any more fabulous than it already was...

If you have never participated in a swap before and thought it might be nice to, this is a great swap to get your feet wet with. We know this time of year can be hectic, so keep this as simple and stress-free as possible and above all, enjoy yourself!

Any questions??? Email me at hangingsilver@gmail.com.

Let the swapping with holiday cheer begin!

ornament swap

P.S. Make sure to visit Sami's Symmetry in Motion in the coming week for details on part two of the swap!

POST-POST: Sorry, but this swap is only open to bloggers who live in the 48 contiguous states. No international swappers at this time. We still love our international neighbors! But the shipping costs and time just don't make for very easy and reliable swapping.


Lisa said...

Oh me oh me oh me!!! I wanna play! Lisa Thomas
I do believe you have my address? I'll send it along via e-mail if you don't!

Sarah & Kevin said...

I'm IN! I will email you with my info! Sound fun!!!

MiMi said...

WHAT?! I was seriously thinking about doing an ornament swap! Oh well, it's better you do it cuz I suck lately at keeping things together. LOL

Myya said...

I'll tell you what I told Sami, you guys TOTALLY stole this out of my head. I was talking to Macey about it a few months ago. Funny huh! Anyways, totally gets me out of hosting so THANK YOU! Sign me Up, I'm in. :)

iamwoman said...

Oh so THAT is why you aren't participating in my ornament swap.

I like you anyway;)

Sarahie said...

I so want to do this! I was debating on whether or not I should sign up and as I did that, the idea for my ornament popped into my head. Sounds like fate to me!

I'll e-mail you my info. =)

Erinsgobragh said...

Awesome idea! I wish I could participate but finances wont let me. Next your though :D

Amy said...

I sent you an email! Looking forward to participating. :-)

Sarita said...

Hello Evelyn,
Is this swap open to international participants? I would love to participate!!!
Please let me know as I live in Mexico, my email address is: craftysarita@yahoo.com
Thank you and have a fantastic rest of the week!

Sue Barreau said...

Oh, I want to play too! I live in South Australia. I will email you my address details etc. What fun!! Hugs n blessings Sue.

~Haley~ said...

Count me in! I will email you right now with my info =]

shortmama said...

Im in! Will email you my info!

Nancy said...

I am so in! I'll email you my info. :]

Mamarazzi said...

i am totally playing!! woo hoo!


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