Come on and Get Happy!

I'm joining in with Mamarazzi and her Happy List Link-Up because sometimes I need to remind myself just WHY I should be!

Happy that is.


Last night at dinner, Joe just started laughing at something and couldn't stop for like twenty minutes straight. (Think Mary Poppins.) He was laughing so hard he was crying and ended up with a headache by the time he could get control of himself. I never really could figure out what the heck was so funny, but it made me HAPPY just to see him laughing so hard for so long. It's been too long.

This morning I woke to the sounds of three little kiddos happily and calmly playing with each other. They were being so tender and sweet to each other. Later, Jeigh was whispering to Elle, "Tell Mom what a good sister I am, okay? And I'll give you a sticker." She didn't have to convince me. I already know what good kids I have. And I sure love them and all their cute, crazy ways! In spite of all my daily "suffering" and whining and wailing as a stay at home mom, they make me very HAPPY!

I took my girls out to lunch at a local Mexican restaurant yesterday. They make the yummiest chicken fajitas I have ever had and my pregnant palate can't get enough. I was quite HAPPY digging into my sizzling platter yesterday. And rather UN-happy once I realized they were gone and I would have to wait a reasonable time to go again. Think 24 hours is reasonable enough?

I am overflowing with HAPPY-ness that Christmas season is on its way and this year I am feeling all sorts of "in the spirit" as it is 40 degrees or less everyday! I am so HAPPY we have moved back to snow country!

It makes me HAPPY that people actually signed up for our ornament swap! I have to admit I was a little nervous that no one would and Sami and I would just end up sending one to each other, which could have been fun too, but...the more the merrier, right? Thanks to all who did sign up! It's going to great!

Having a friend like Sami makes me very HAPPY! We were chatting back and forth online tonight and I was laughing so hard that Dee wandered into my room asking what was going on. When I told him I was chatting with my friend and that I thought she was so funny, he asked, "You have friends?!" Why, thanks to blogging, yes, yes I do! Friends that make me HAPPY! And for those true-blue, real-life friends that stick with me through the thick and thin and time of it I am most grateful and HAPPY to have.

HAPPY is what I am whenever I get to feel this sweet little wee one inside. She is growing big and strong and making her presence known more and more every day. I think out of all my pregnancies she has been the most "personable" as evidenced by movements from within. We went to a parade a few weeks ago and when the marching band went by, she JUMPED! She must have been sleeping when they so rudely woke her. It was so funny! I am looking forward to meeting her soon...But she can feel free to wait as long as she wants. No need to rush things.

When payday came this week and Joe's paycheck was deposited I realized how grateful and HAPPY I am for such a hard-working and sacrificing husband who does so much for us. I am grateful for the money that deposits each week because of HIM. What a good, good husband I have. And not just for his bread-winning-ness. He makes me very HAPPY.

Looking at little Elle wearing jeans, tennis shoes, and sporting a pony tail makes me HAPPY and sad all at the same time. Aww cute! She looks so grown up and Aww dangit! She looks so grown up. {sniff, sniff}

So, I wasn't very original with my HAPPY list. I guess I get HAPPY from the same old stuff as every one else does: family and friends and love and food. Life is good! What more can I say?

What makes YOU HAPPY???


Lisa said...

Love your list. Miss chatting with you. :)

Mamarazzi said...

this list makes me VERY Happy...thanks for linking up, i was so excited when i saw that you had!

and laughter that lasts for 20 minutes is awesome.

Jen said...

LOVE your list! It made me smile. :)

I can so relate to the 2 sided feelings of seeing your daughter "grown up". Mine just turned 2 and I look at her so often and think, "Oh, she's getting so big! How cute!" and then immediately want to cry because it's going by so fast.

MiMi said...

Wait. I'm late for the swap, aren't I?!

Lisa said...

Love your happy list!!! Question - can you reply to my e-mail now? Let me know!

{leah} said...

I love happy lists! I need to start doing that again. Yours made me smile.

shortmama said...

Chicken fajitas make me happy any day!

Myya said...

LOVE the laughing that goes on & on. It is almost infectious, which is fun too. Mmm Fajitas, I could eat them ANYTIME! Darn-it, I keep forgetting to link to the Happy List. I love doing them, but weekends are sooo busy for me. I need to get on a better schedule & set it up to post when I can't.

Wonder Woman said...

Having my old reader up and running makes me happy. I was trying to adjust to google reader and it was REALLY hard. I was barely reading and commenting even less. Love your list. LOVE the "snow" song. Superman and I always sing it when we talk about snow.


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