In a Foul (or is that Fowl?) Mood

I usually don't have anything against Mondays, but this one isn't playing very nicely.

*We woke up an hour late this morning. (Tell me why on earth this doesn't happen on a weekend?!)

*On my way out to start the van this morning, I experienced one of those movie moments where the character is walking along one second and then all you see is their feet where their head used to be. I totally went down in icy, leg-splitting glory. It was...wet. And more stretching than I've done in months.

*On top of Dee being "only" an hour late for school, I totally spaced that he was in charge of bringing snacks today. Mother of the Year? Not hardly.

*Jeigh is obsessively washing her hands, to the point of chapping. Then she cries when her hands are red and raw and rashed. Then she cries when I put lotion on her. Then she wants to wash her hands again. Then she cries. This is ridiculous.

*I QUIT. Potty training that is. I gave the 3 Day Potty Training Method my best shot, even generously giving it two extra days. Apparently, it is NOT the miracle method it claims to be. I had a moment of clarity when I was spraying down my stinky toddler and her stinky underwear in the bathtub for the fifth time that fifth day with tears flowing freely down both of our faces: This is not worth it. This is not working. This is the time I need to swallow my pride and call it quits.

3 Day Potty Training...I stick my tongue out at you. I'll give it another shot in another month or two...or six. Just as long as she is potty trained by her first date...

*My four year old daughter's feet smell worse than any pack of teenage boys. Ugh!! My nostrils and gag reflex are preparing to stage a protest.

*We found out today that Joe indeed has to work Thanksgiving weekend. This seriously fries my turkey. They had originally scheduled him to be off all weekend and we were all sorts of excited to travel out of town to spend the holiday with my family. Now, I have the choice of spending Thanksgiving with my husband for a few hours or the entire weekend without him but in the company of my family. I HATE making those kinds of choices. Stupid paychecks.

*It really irritates me that people complain about the snow. I am loving it! It's gorgeous and festive and fun for the kids to play in. Oh, and remember how it helps us to avoid drought in the summer? Besides, it has only snowed a day or two. Winter hasn't even officially begun people! And it can't be that big of a surprise; this happens every year. If it bothers you that much...move to Arizona. Then you can complain about the heat. Do I sound harsh? I suppose the grass is always greener...

Definitely a foul mood kind of day.

On the brighter side...

*It's snowing!!! I love it! Oh how I have missed it! My heart is thrilling with the chilling!

*It's almost Thanksgiving!! A mashed-potato-loving girl like me can't wait!

*Dee is reading! It is so exciting to see him sounding out the letters and making words out of them! I sure hope he has a love for literature like I did/do.

*A dear friend of mine has entrusted me with a task that is all sorts of enjoyable to do. Without saying more, I am grateful and unabashedly flattered that she felt she could entrust me with such a thing.

*I am eagerly looking forward to seeing my ornament from the Ornament Swap show up in the mail! I can't wait to see everyone elses' ornaments too! It's like Christmas...Oh wait...

*Sign-ups for Sami's part of our Holiday Swap are closing SOON! Make sure you get your merry little self signed up before it's too late. It really is a great idea for a swap! And so lovingly created and hosted by Sami. The girl is totally sweating bullets in her efforts to make sure this is a great swap for each and every participant. She is golden!

12 days swap

*I am working on a blog tutorial for making flannel baby rag quilts as I am currently making one for my own little bundle of joy. They are so cute and fun and easy! Word is Joanne Fabric and Craft Store is having a killer flannel sale this weekend. Coincidental? Nope.

AND heads up: I have so much fun making these quilts, I am planning on having a little giveaway for one homemade flannel baby rag quilt with your choice of colors at the end of the tutorial. Anyone interested???

So Monday, I can't quite decide...Are you foul or fowl?


Jodi said...

Turkey. Turkey. Turkey!

Parry's :) said...

I'm sooo sorry about your Thanksgiving plans, that is not fun. Just something to think about for you traveling plans here, the weather is quite frightful actually! I am loving all the snow and stuff, but it is making it slicker than snot over here. There has been so many wrecks and the weather man says that we are suppose to have life threatening weather conditions tonight and that tomorrow is suppose to have zero visibility. Maybe there is a reason for this, perhaps "blessing in disguise"????
I hope that you have a fun and SAFE holiday this week! :)

MiMi said...

Oh, no. I hope you didn't hurt yourself or baby. And I hope that you have a good Thanksgiving even though it SUCKS turkey giblets that Joe has to work after all. :(

Jeremy, Lana, Brenna and Mason said...

I made a tutorial for those like you asked me to! Maybe you didn't see it.. I was a little bummed you never commented on it! haha

aubrey said...

Hopefully your ornament should show up tomorrow...it got mailed priority mail on Saturday.

I hope your week starts looking up, sorry it's been kind of pookie so far. My kids are out of school all week and I am already losing my mind.

Valerie said...

I totally understand about having blown expectations and hard choices about travel plans. We were supposed to be in Idaho for Thanksgiving and it's been in the works FOREVER. Then we call the airline and it will be $800 dollar more per ticket. Yikes! I'm sorry about the hard choices... it will be clear in the end! I'm proud of all the hard work you do every day

Impulsive Addict said...

Oh you poor momma! I'm sorry but this post was entertaining. I haven't had the best day myself but yours was by far worse than mine! Whew.

I loved that you through in some positives and yes I'm interested in a quilt giveaway. I heart quilts that are handmade!

I'm heading over to find out about this Holiday Swap thing. =)

I hope you have a great Turkey Day despite the choice you have to make. You may need to drink alcohol before making your decision. It may help.
You're welcome.

Impulsive Addict said...

Oh wait...you're pregnant? That may not be something your doctor would recommend. Let's scratch that and go with chocolate instead.

Katy B. said...

Attitude of Gratitude my friend....

Be grateful you have family here on earth that you can see during the holidays.

Be grateful your daughter has feet to walk and run and play.

Be grateful your husband has a job that provides for your family.

Be grateful you are not in Arizona for thanksgiving.:)

Happy Turkey day!:)

Lisa said...

Well girly - I hope you can find a good happy medium about Thanksgiving! That really sucks about the whole work thing! I LOVE rag quilts but I am lucky to get my butt in gear enough to make a basic quilt! I'm tying Kirk one this week, though. Anyway - I think I'm rambling... Enjoy your snow!

Jeigh said...

I know how you feel about the sleeping in...my kids sleep in nearly every Sunday, when we have to get them up early to get to meetings. Errr. But, I'm glad you have some positives. Especially one in particular! :)

Myya said...

Oh no I hope you are ok. Ouchie!
Bummer about Thanksgiving, Sammer used to never get any holidays off. The last 2 years those are some of the only days he gets off. Sure wish there could be a happy medium.

Sandra said...

Ouch on the wipe-out! And on the four year old's stinky feet! I can relate to that one. My 10 year old daughter has the worst smell to her feet, it's nauseating!
Yet you still found the silver lining in your day! See, your blog title is perfect!

Sami said...

Okay, now you know that I read this post, because I read it while I was chatting with you, but I fail at life, and didn't comment.
My apologies, dear Lady!

Perhaps I should have read it more closely, and then I wouldn't have been in the dark about Joe needing to work over the Holiday.

Sounds like you had an Alexander kind of day. I so wish I lived closer so I could help on days like that! Especially once that baby is born, and I can steal (borrow) her and squish her, because mine won't let me do that anymore...
Love ya!


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