I KNEW I was forgetting something!

Yikes! I knew there was something that I was forgetting to do today!

"I knew it started with an S though." ;)


I almost forgot to remind you that the sign-up window for the ornament swap closes tonight at midnight (Pacific Time for you die-hards out there). If you had an inkling of a desire to join in, NOW is the time to act! Just leave me a comment on THIS post or send me an email at hangingsilver@gmail.com with your name, physical address, and email address.

I have sent emails to all those who have volunteered to participate so far. If you haven't received a confirmation email from me yet, send me another email letting me know you REALLY did want in on this great warm-up swap that Sami and I are co-hosting. Go easy on me. Not to play the pregnancy card, but I'm fairly certain half of my brain cells currently reside in my uterus, so it is very likely I have already screwed up something.

By the way, I have been contacted by a couple of international bloggers who would like to participate. Although I think that would be super cool to swap with a foreign neighbor, this is our first swap and we are trying to keep it as simple as possible. For now, we (Sami and myself) are not accepting international swappers. Maybe someday we will open up to the idea of being swap ambassadors, but now is not that time.

Thank you again to all those who have signed up! I am getting so excited to see all swapped ornaments and to feel the bloggy love!


Myya said...

Uh oh I didn't receive an e-mail from you. I wanted to join in on the ornament swap. : )

shortmama said...

I cant wait to find out my partner! I was already looking at ornaments last night!


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