Of Slippery Potty Training and Swappy People

(Picture taken in July 2009)

I have to make this a quick and dirty post for I am locked into a heated battle with my two year old and her bodily functions today and they definitely play quick and dirty.

I had planned to start hardcore potty training yesterday. I have to admit I felt some dread the night before knowing what I was in for for the extent of the following three days (we are trying the official 3 Day Potty Training Method). Thankfully Unfortunately, Dee experienced an asthma attack during the night and needed breathing treatments and Mommy's full attention.

Oh darn.

Looks like potty training is going to have to wait. What? I am NOT smiling.

Although we didn't get too intense with it like the program requires (think 24-7 constant supervision of your child and their backside for three entire days and nights), we did try some of the techniques. The first half of the day went great. Zero accidents! Maybe this is going to be easier than I thought!

Then as the evening progressed so did the potty training regression and resistance. Accident after accident after yucky accident.

Any potty training program requires the parent to be in complete control of their disgust and exasperation the whole time, speaking with nothing but love and patience. I think this could be the hardest part of potty training. It takes something super-human to clean sodden underwear with a smile.

Sadly, I am still waiting for my super-human application to be reviewed.

Dee is feeling better today and back at school and I am trying to recommit to potty training. My two year old has already tuned me and my incessant "Tell Mommy when you have to go potty, ok?"s out.

No accidents yet. But it is only 9 am.

Pray for me.

In other news, the Ornament Swap is well under way with the shopping or creating in full swing. Did everyone get my email with their swap partner's information? Have you "met" your swap partner yet ladies? Are you going to be ready to ship by THIS SATURDAY?

Check out my swap partner, Aubrey, over at Mom Has the Mondays. She is a mom doing the mom thing but with hilarious swagger! The girl is funny. Machine-gun wielding turkeys? Now that's funny. But watch out, she has a tender side too.

Speaking of swaps, part two of this swap has begun! Sami is in charge of part two and it is big and bold and beautiful. 12 days of gifts just for Mommy? Yes, please!

12 days swap

I love what she said about how sometimes the magic of Christmas gets a little lost when YOU are the one in charge of making the magic happen. I'll admit it. I could use a little extra magic this year. I can't wait to participate!

Make sure to head on over to Sami's swap post at Symmetry in Motion and sign up!

I better wrap this up... I need to focus back on teaching Elle how to pick up when the call of nature rings.

What are YOU up to on a hopefully-not-too-wet Wednesday?


aubrey said...

You just made my day :)

And BOO on potty training...If you can maintain your calm you're a better woman than me. Calm Potty Training Mommy usually only sticks around for about two days at our house and then I'm Going to Wring Your Neck If You Do That Again Today Mommy shows up to finish the job.

Myya said...

We are doing potty training at my house too. To my great suprise about a week or so ago Aziza decided she wants to go all the time. She has done really really well. We are still having some issues over #2... she will go a couple days in a row & then all the sudden the next day she just won't. Not sure what is up with that??? Oh well... we shall see if it works this time. Good luck to you!!!!

iamwoman said...

I tried for years with Kai and he never seemed ready, but when I took him to pre-school (it was all-day) they potty trained him in 1 week. Boo-ya.

Patient vibes are being sent your way....

MiMi said...

Potty training is poopy. No pun intended. Oh who am I kiddin...it was totally intended.
My ornament search has commencced!

Patty Ann said...

Ahhh, you are better than me. For my last one, I waited a little longer. I really do HATE potty training. I have to admit though, that I love the results. Except maybe when you are traveling and they think they need to try out every single potty along the way. Good luck!

Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

Great picture!

Hang in there - it will be over soon!

Mamarazzi said...

i am all signed up and ready to play, i can hardly WAIT to start shopping! woo hoo!!

Lisa said...

Guess what. I'm doing the same thing you are. Potty training. Is THIS what we signed up for when we became moms? :) LOVE the button! It's gorgeous!

shortmama said...

Potty training is the bane of my existence right now!

cbusch said...

My two 1/2 year old wants nothing to do with potty training. But he sure wants his pants changed immediately when he goes. The trials of parenthood.


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